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ROUND 2 of TEAM REES will begin Tuesday, January 3, 2006, with TEAM REES once again going up and down EVERY STREET of Ward 3 putting our flyer on every car window between the hours of 7-11 PM, placing them on telephone poles on every corner and something new we will not going to disclose.



Where other candidates put the bulk of their money in an office, office equipment, yard signs and what have you, TEAM REES keeps it simple, we keep it cheap and we do it the way politicians did in the 1950’s and that is, we don’t sit on our asses and expect people to find our candidate, we go to them again and again.


Yep, the Old School and the old leather and shoe is what TEAM REES all about.


Come watch us.



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People this is the best lie Sam Brooks has come up with so far.


Sam Brooks is a sick little boy who is so jealous of his political rivals that he attacks all of them in different forums, under different screen names and uses different IP proxies to cover it up.


This is proof in itself that this BOY is sick and we do not need a man like this in government.


Sam Brooks if you look around Ward 3 has nothing out there concerning his campaign but the other candidates do so he hates that fact and can only attempt to compete by attacking all of them here on the internet.




Jason Rees,


During the past several days you have repetitively attempted to circumvent the security procedures at bpn.gov which is a Federal Government website used by U.S. businesses to gain government contracts and grants.


You have used 30+ different ip addresses and faked your http headers in an attempt to screen scrape our list of businesses.


This is hacking, and you have gained our attention.


(I hope you weren\\\'t planning on using this data to spam businesses about your Dad running for DC City Council Ward 3.)


You have violated our \\\"For Official Use Only\\\" policy and you will be hearing from us very soon.


I could only find the following contact information on file (http://www.zabasearch.com) for your father, if this is not correct then feel free to update it so that I can more easily contact you.





Phone #: (757) 471-8137

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