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This is Mr. Rees & Mrs. Cumes

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BFrankdc is such a liar that he wants people to believe that certain people are all the same person but here attached is a picture of Mr. Rees and Mrs. Cumes taken at a luncheon.


Most everyone who has posted here that Bfrankdc complains can be shown to be real people although he too has used many screen names like JT Frank, Frank B, B Frank, Joe Kerr, Joe Deluth and so many other ones but in reality, I know he is SAM BROOKS pretending to be others including that Dr. Blecher.


People don\'t believe Bfrankdc but ask others to prove who they are and the honest ones will do so but BFrankdc won\'t because he is that sleazy boy Sam Brooks who is unemployed and sits home most of the day posting crap everywhere against his several opponents on a dozen or more locations on the net.

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