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The Washington Post Did Bad Mouth Sam Brooks

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There are three candidates running for ward three and the other two beside Sam Brooks agree that the Washington Post was then and now right when they warned the voters when they said:


The WASHINGTON POST, September 11, 2004; Page A20 speaking of Sam Brooks said:


1. The District deserves a better choice for city council.


2. He doesn’t come anywhere close in the needed experience overall in representing the city.


3. He is long on energy and ambition but short on community service, and lacks substantive knowledge of the problems confronting the city and ideas for solving them.


4. The District needs someone who knows how the government works, is familiar with the city other than through a political door-to-door campaign and who doesn't need on-the-job training in the basics.


This BOY needs to go back home to his mommy in Georgetown as the people of ward three do not like carpet bagging opportunists out for their own glorification and not for us!

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