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Sam Brooks for City Council..? No way Jose!

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Sam Brooks a newly claimed resident of ward three wants to be our councilman but he is not qualified because:


1. He just recently graduated from college;

2. He only has 11 months of work history since graduating from college;

3. He quit his job with Councilman Jim Graham without warning;

4. He was fired from Team Fenty when William Lightfoot told Fenty Brooks was a liability and get rid of him;

5. He is lazy;

6. He has a website which much on it he stole from other candidates running and has no original ideas;

7. He is unemployed not by choice but lies that he quit his job with Team Fenty to run for office;

8. He lived his whole life in ward two and just jumped our fence which makes him a carpet bagger; and

8. He is out to feed his ego and not the needs of the voters of ward three.


Ward three needs a council member with at least a decade of work experience in business or government and not this BOY who hasn't even begun to live.

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