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by wrongway

Monday 14 April 2003 - 14:32:05


Punk purists: people who tolerate nothing than pure, anti-establishment, anarchist, **thank** the police, hardcore, unpolished punk rock. You all know who I'm talking about, they're either skins or mohawk guys. If it came out of a time later than the 80's, or it has lyrics you can understand, they claim to despise it. These are the guys who always try to seem all badass and intimidating in the pits. They're the ones who constantly diss on all pop-punk as worthless garbage. My question is, how exactly did they get tuned into the punk scene? They whine and doggess about pop-punk attracting too many outsiders, but you can't tell me you just woke up one day and started listening to Total Chaos or Minor Threat or the Circle Jerks or Black Flag... Everyone started somewhere. I can guarantee you 99.9% of 'elitists' and 'purists' found the scene by hearing a cool pop-punk tune on the radio, or by hearing punk from someone who did. People need to get it through their **thank**ing heads that exposure isn't always bad. People doggess that 'punk is dead' because of all the pop-punk and crap, but they don't realize if there are no new punks, punk WILL die. Sure, you might have outgrown pop-punk by now, but keep in mind, if it wasn't for Blink 182 or the Offspring or Green Day or whoever, you wouldn't be listening to hardcore today.

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I was wondering if you are on the “wrongway”, in your inner conversation or thoughts aloud..? It is very easy to make mistakes with generalizations or tries to define purism in any aspect. Punk. Perhaps you can discuss forever this with somebody even yourself. Maybe when there are established stronger rules and norms (in a society/community), that are hard to get used to, there is more ground for such developments so called “punk” nowadays. BUT one to be able to really see different sides in a latter social situation takes to be part of the majoring stronger rules establishment i.e. to be against a system one must be part of it (somehow), and have the ability to voice that strongly. This, of course, throws very easy the above one to be an “outsider”(or here punk, punk purist). The drive to be different or promote difference is easily, and certainly on purpose, mis-presented/misinterpreted and twisted by the public opinion dictators. With their strongest tool – media. Maybe the human desire to be different is subconscious, and in most cases stays there. BUT the desperate tries-to-be- different is again, dictated and shown/perceived through the “prism” of the public opinion Ds. “exposure isn't always bad”, you say, but isn’t that a media orphan? The “guys” you ask yourself about, are for sure perfect consumers in a market-based economy. Sold into either ideas or products. Cheap bought ways to be different. You can talk free, you can travel free but to whom and where? In the little artificial subculture? Good there are spots like these discussion boards. Sometimes it feels like a straw for air in a deep muddy water. Do you know any dissidents? I was wondering…<br>

Oh! By the way, Punk is not dead.

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