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  1. A really cool party place aws Buzz, located in DC. It had a great party scene, it's a shame that all of the idiot parents got together to close it down. The place had a lot of fun events.
  2. I think one of the best cult movies is evil dead 2. To see this movie you would be able to tell that it has all of the qualities to make it one, and it's a great movie to have on at a party. People see the crazy visuals walking by with a beer in their hand and then something in the movie catches their eyes. The f###### works like a magnet at parties. Watching this movie makes you feel like you want to see more.
  3. jack morphine


    Hey easy-e, Check out the block in Baltimore. The girls are great and the would be perfect for a pimp of your stature.
  4. Sure I hung out at bound, Bound takes place every friday night in DC. In august bound had it's Summer Masquerade Ball. It was incredibly fun, and there was a lot of totally hot chicks.
  5. I seen the movie two weeks ago and loved it.
  6. This post is for anyone who never listened to nin(nine inch nails). I say give it a try, if you ever had deeper moods other than all happy or the player mentality mood, then you should give nin a chance.
  7. jack morphine

    Acid Jazz

    Has anyone been able to watch the anime show called Cowboy Beebop? The cartoon is one of the best I ever seen on Adult Swim at 130 in the morning. The show has a really cool soundtrack featuring a lot of cool jazz music. The characters have a lot of depth.
  8. Hey Cheese boy, I'll kick your little butt in James Bond!
  9. jack morphine

    Two Skinny J's

    This to anyone who likes the 2 Skinny Gay's You ######!
  10. jack morphine

    Woo Woo!

    The White Stripes rule
  11. jack morphine


    Yo yo yo, You got that right.
  12. Hey Rara If you enjoy suishi you should eat at Cafe Asia in Dupont Circle, the place also serves other great dishes(cooked). The atmosphere is very art deco as well.
  13. If you really want to go to a cool art gallery, go to Signal 66 in DC. The gallery is down a dark ally in a warehouse, which is part of the adventure going down the ally. The gallery features a lot of modern art shows, including live art shows. If you get the chance visit their website, you won't be dissapointed.
  14. It looks like a fun movie non the less.
  15. jack morphine

    Punk Purists

    Space Everyone thinks there an expert on punk. Space I'll meet you in a dark slam dance pitt anyday, you wanna be punk. Jack
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