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This is a releaseed statement from the Committee To Elect Jonathan Rees




DC is supposed to have the best educated people in the USA and 79% of the adult population in Ward 3 is said to hold a college degree if not an advance one. Is there a degree in common sense or classes in abusive ego management? If so, I think a lot of Washingtonians should sign up.


Right now, our city council is heading us back down the road to financial problems with their proposed Baseball stadium deal, National Capitol Medical Center, $1 billion dollar school tax proposal and a new psychiatric center.


Let Bud Selig build his own stadium as no other city would give him such a sweat deal as major league baseball has a mega fund that is used to help build stadiums, teams and help out lesser teams be able to afford better players;


Let Howard University take over DC General, remodel it and that will cost less than $40,000,000.00 with no subsidies from the government but accept payment via the DC Health Care Alliance as other hospitals do;


Let’s first find out where all that money in taxes we paid over the years and was budgeted for the upkeep and maintenance of our schools went before we have to pay for it all a second time; and


Let’s seize back part of St. Elizabeth’s Hospital and remodel and extend our hand to our mentally ill who are primarily a good portion of the homeless population who walk our streets hungry, in bad health, not receiving monitored and needed medication that can lead them to becoming healthier and happy citizens. HELPING OUR FELLOW MAN WHO IS LESS FORTUNATE SHOULD BE FIRST AND FOREMOST AND TO ALLOW OTHERS TO MAKE A SMALL FORTUNE OFF THE MISFOURTUNE OF SUCH IS AN ABOMINATION BEFORE THE EYES OF GOD!


Didn’t our leaders read our population has gone down again last year? Didn’t they realize that our budget surplus is due to an over burden taxpayer and this is what is scaring away new businesses and residents and causing a never ending exodus of businesses and residents?


The press is not jumping on Mayor Williams or the City Council enough before the eyes of the people to point out the advancing dangers all of these programs if enacted/passed will bring upon the shrinking taxpayer base and how it will scare off businesses and people from locating here.


Our city council has become a knee jerk reactionary institution and I fail to see an ounce of common sense or long term planning coming from them and the media has if not a moral obligation, at least a vocational one to look harder than they are and report things to the people better than they do.

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