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United Parcel Service (ups) Bad Service


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The only thing UPS has done for me is a whole lotta BROWN (you can guess what).


Yesturday, I requested pickup of a package with a valued over $2000.00.

I requested UPS to use my clients UPS customer number.


UPS responded that they would pick it up between 8:00 am to 5:00 pm today.


By 4:30 pm today I got worried and contacted UPS Customer Service Center located in High Point, North Carolina. I UPS customer service representative by the name of Tiffini. I asked Tiffini when UPS was planning on picking up the merchandise. Tiffini responded in that UPS would pick up the package in one half hour. If there was a problem to call them back and just give them my name and telephone number.


At 5:00 pm UPS had still not picked up the package. I call the UPS Customer Service Center again and spoke with a UPS customer service representative by the name of Eric Everett. I told Eric my name, telephone number, and my problem. Eric could not find my pickup request. I asked Eric to speak with a UPS supervisor.


Eric transferred me over to Demont Waller, the UPS Superviser. I repeated my name, telephone number, and problem. Mr. Waller said that they would have to send an instant message to the local UPS Customer Center. I asked Mr. Waller if I could just have the UPS Driver number and speak to him myself. Mr. Waller responded that the UPS Communication system is internal and employees only.

Mr. Waller then requested that he would have the local UPS Customer Service representative contact me in 5 to 10 minutes. I told Mr. Waller that would be completely unsatisfactory to me. I would rather him contact the local UPS Customer Service Center and get them to call me. Mr. Waller responded that he would call me back personally in 5 to 10 minutes.


At 5:40 Mr. Waller called me back and told me that the local UPS Customer Center representative would call me within 5 to 10 minutes. I asked Mr. Waller who was at fault on this delivery. Mr. Waller stated the UPS Customer Service Center was at fault at not picking up my package. So I waited.


At 6:00 pm Pat Thorn, the local UPS Customer Service dispatch representative contacted me. I asked Pat what the problem was? She told me that she did not have my information. I gave her my information and Pat told me that she would call me back in 5 to 10 minutes.


At 6:15 Pat Thorn called me back. Pat found the ticket and verified that I had made the UPS request. I asked her when I could expect to get my package picked up. Pat responded that the Driver had another pickup and would be coming to my area soon. I asked Pat who she thought was responsible for this mixup. Pat responded that it was the driver's fault. I asked her if my client would be compensated for this mistake. Pat responded that she did not know if UPS does that and told me to speak to her supervisor, Richard Hall.


At 7:00 pm the Mr. Davis, the UPS Driver came to pickup my package. He had my information and apoligised for the confusion. I asked him who was at fault. Mr. Davis replied that the fault was his. I asked him if he knew that I requested that this package be picked up by no later than 5:00 pm? Mr. Davis replied that he was not notified of the time requested.


I admired Mr. Davis honesty. He even spoke with pride how UPS cares for its customers and how this would not happen again. I wished him good night.


I hope UPS learns from this message and does not fault the driver for this major Brown up! Mr. Davis was the only one that actually took responsibility. It was apparent that it was not his. UPS did not recognize the importance of this delivery and did not give Mr. Davis the message.


Another thing UPS could learn is that Fedex allows you to speak with their drivers in emergency situations. USPS allows you to speak to their drivers in emergency situations. That is not the case with the Big BROWN.


I said my peace.

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I have had an excrutiating experience with UPS myself. That company has absolutely no protocals set up for customer service issues. It is an impenetrable force of bureaucracy. No manangement contact is allowed or given to the consumer. They actually lie to customers and get away with it. No accountabilty is in place.


Actually, I'm so incensed, I've decided to create a blog concerning UPS and the horrific treatment of thier customers. I would love permission to copy and paste your experience.


I remember the Apple Ipod issue being resovled by consumers blogging. Something has to be done about the way they are allowed to conduct business.

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I am sorry for your bad experience. It has been awhile since I wrote that post. We now have a new driver named Rob. He has been fantastic for us. I think once you build a relationship with the company things do get better. A business is only as good as the people who work there. What exactly happened to you?

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Thanks for replying so quickly. I did create a blog describing the gaunlet UPS have put me through. Basically its going to take 10 days for them to deliver a package that was supposed to be delivered in no more than two days.


Mistakes are quite fine to make. It's what the person or company does to rectify them that truly shows the true character. All I have received from UPS is plattitudes and outright lies.


I'm sure the drivers are quite pleasant. It's too bad the people collecting the bigger paychecks can't open a window from their ivory tower and see how needed new systems are. They really haven't any proceedures for unhappy customers.


Anyway, if your interested to see the rest of the story, please feel freee to view my blog i just started.

Oh, and I still await your permission to add your story to my blog.

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Guest Dave

Thank you for your partucpation in this site. UPS has fouled up my last two shipping orders to my residence. I know this becuase my purchases were from two different companies. My first shipment was a TV which got destrioyed somewhere in Georgia and no one found it necessary to contact me. I had to take the initiative to call the supplier and UPS to get answers. The only communication I received is that the TV was signed for by someone who I did not know an entire state away. What was guaranteed to arrive within 3 business days ended up taking more than three weeks. I just finished speaking with another supplier who was sending me a watch and it showed in my account the watch was shipped on 5/30/2011. UPS has no record of my tracking number and the vendor took charge to straighten out the mess. Again it will likely be three weeks before the package is finally delivered, if at all. UPS service has become so suspect that the residential complex where I reside sent all 400 residents a letter that as of July 1, 2011 they will no longer sign for UPS packages in absence of the resident. They will take Fedex and DHL only. Speaking for myself, I will no longer deal with any vendors who utilize UPS for shipping.


AS for my commercial experience with UPS, in 2000 I worked for a company who processed payroll for nearly three thousand clients accross 26 states. We chose UPS and entered into a contract for overnight delivery that would bill us more than $200,000.00 annually. On two occassions UPS missed their pickup and left more than $3,000,000 in payroll checks sitting in our UPS receptical. People get kind of testy when their paychecks do not arrive on time! During both incidents no one at our company felt that UPS had any sense of urgency to make certain they know what went wrong or even how the problem occurred. What in the world will UPS do during the holiday season?


I understand mistakes can happen and the true metal of a company is how they resolve them to the customers satisfaction. For any company to universally offer up different departments to blame for their problem is beyond stupid. No one cares who caused the problem, just make it right and focus on the customers' needs. Big Brown, clearly you could have become #1 but you have chosen to become a number 2. The color is still brown even if the smell is not as apparent.

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Guest No package

Has anybody have issues not getting a package, But the same person says he left it? It seems that the Driver in the area has left a few packages at my door, Claims he rang the door bell. At times I was home. But it seems that My 3 inside dogs would have barked. and I would have heard the door bell. Anyway, I lost 3 packages over the last 3 months, The same driver, all 3 times he said he left it on the door way. Just seems fishy to me.


Anybody else have this kind of issue?

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Unfortunately customer service seems to be less important the bigger the company you are dealing with. Ups is no longer a private company. The only thing they care about is the bottom line and making their shareholders happy.Disgruntled management and overworked hourly employess makes for bad business for customers.

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Guest Bart Johnson

I have my own problems with BROWN. A delivery the were to make before Christmas, my wife called me to come to her and I missed it, that was on me. The note said second attempt between 2 and 5 pm. A note was on the door at 1:14. I was home, 10 feet away from the door. No knock. No doorbell. The third attempt says any time of day, including after 5pm. That means I have to wait all day. They manager was suppose to call me back but only left a message, avoiding talking to me.


Anyone who does business and needs to send packages would be a fool to use UPS.

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Guest Return it

Today is the second time in six months that UPS delivered a package that wasn't mine. The addresses share one single word but different zip codes and one is an Avenue and mine is a Drive. I flagged down the driver, gave him the misdelivered package and explained that it wasn't mine and he stood, disagreeing with me, for 20 sec before he could figure it out. I even had to prompt him what to read. His first response ..".[shrugged shoulders] well, this is where they told me to deliver it". (Not a Thank you or I'm sorry). I said "really? What road are you on? Address is not same, so why drop it off?" His response "we are not perfect, okay? ". Felt like I was talking to a 15 yo and not a professional driver. If shippers are expecting the UPS of old, professional and efficient, by the demeanor of this driver, I'd say those days are becoming a thing of the past.

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