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Racism Is Alive In Maryland Democratic Party

Guest Proud African American

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Guest Proud African American

Racism is alive within the leadership of the Maryland Democratic Party and rears its ugly head


Truly abhorrent and reprehensible stuff coming from several elected Democrats in Maryland, along with their state party chair. In an article in Wednesday’s Washington Times, elected African-American Democrats condoned racial attacks against Lt. Governor Michael Steele. Democrats such as Delegate Salima Siler Marriott and State Senators Lisa Gladden and Verna Jones approve of any hateful attacks on Michael Steele because he is an African-American and a Republican. According to Delegate Marriott, a black Baltimore Democrat, “Mr. Steele invites comparisons to a slave who loves his cruel master or a cookie that is black on the outside and white inside because his conservative political philosophy is, in her view, anti-black.” “Party trumps race, especially on the national level, according to Senator Gladden. " (‘Party trumps race’ according to Steele’s foes, Miller, Washington Times, November 2, 2005. Following the article’s publication, the same Democrats scrambled to justify their offensive comments, including Marriott spending a significant portion of her day on WBAL radio (1090 AM), and doing little to rescue herself from her dim-witted comments. In a follow up article today, Maryland Democratic Party Chairman Terry Lierman backed the black Democrats' comments. "Mr. Steele is already known by the company he keeps," said Mr. Lierman, who is white. "There is a reason people call [Republicans] the party of Clarence Thomas. ... They support [u.S. Supreme Court Justice] Clarence Thomas and his priorities and his issues."


'Party trumps race' for Steele foes - Metropolitan - The Washington Times, America's Newspaper


Top Democrats duck on Steele hits - Metropolitan - The Washington Times, America's Newspaper


Also, on WTOP radio (1500 AM), Lierman made another weak statement: “Michael Steele wants to change the debate because he doesn’t want to talk about the issues.”


Is there a WHAT, ARE YOU KIDDING???? in your mind too?


The two Democratic candidates for governor did little to help their party when asked to comment. "I think he is open to criticism in a number of areas," Mr. [Doug] Duncan said. Martin O’Malley, who has never shied away from reporters or cameras, was muted when asked to repudiate the remarks from members of his party. (Top Democrats duck on Steele hits, Miller, Washington Times, November 3, 2005) Also silent is Ben Cardin, Democratic candidate for U.S. Senate.


It is a sad commentary on the beliefs of the Democratic Party and some of its African-American members when racial attacks are ok if the person they are directed at is a Republican. On a day when Rosa Parks was buried, some African-Americans and Democrats used the day to race-bait and hurl ugly, hateful speech at the only state-wide elected African-American in Maryland’s history.


It comes down to the facts: look at cities such as Baltimore, where more than 60% of its residents are African-American. Baltimore has been governed by the Democratic Party for decades, yet the schools continue to rank as the worst in the state, almost as many students drop-out that graduate, teenage pregancies continue to be among the highest in the nation, boarded up communities continue to rot, drugs continue to permiate the streets and violence and murder are the city’s hallmarks. If the citizens of Baltimore were being so well served by the Democratic party, one would think quality of live there would improve. In fact, it's only gotten worse. The citizens of Baltimore, regardless of race, religion, or ethnicity, deserve better.


Michael Steele is a man that wants to bring opportunity, individual ownership and a hand up to members of all races, creeds, and socio-economic backgrounds. Educating our children is one of his main priorities and providing a quality education for all students is something he will continue fighting for. He is working to unite, not divide. He should be held up as an example with pride from all Marylanders. Instead he has been subjected to the ignorance and hatred of some scared Democrats.


Please continue to email these Democrats and demand they apologize for their hatred and bigotry.


Also, Maryland Democratic Party Chairman Terry Lierman is scheduled to be on the Chip Franklin Show TOMORROW from 9:00 am – 12 noon. We don’t know if he will have the courage to actually show up, but if he does, please call in to Chip’s show and demand the resignation of Chairman Lierman, Senators Gladden and Jones, and Delegate Marriott. Ask how they can say they condemn racism yet approve of it when it comes from their own mouths. Tell him that they do not represent Marylanders, who believe in fairness, equality and opportunity. You can listen online at www.wbal.com. The call-in number is 410-467-9552 or email your questions at chip@wbal.com

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Yeah!!! I have had direct experience with stuff like this, IN hispanic boards I have been called just about everything in site. From traitor, to uncle tom, and few others.


Ya know, I'm wondering if this is a product of the internet in terms of some of the ways that some boards are conducted.




In these boards from what I have seen, people here treat each other with respect

"even though we may, or may not agree with each other, and that is such a rare thing on the net".

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