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Who Is Jonathan Rees?

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I thought that it would be helpful to see some things that Jonathan Rees has said: Rees in his own words. Draw whatever conclusions you want from this.



"I am legally married and actually have three children."


DC Pages: http://www.dcpages.com/forums/index.php?sh...=6203,%C2%A0and





"I am married to the former Mindy Lynn Silverman (actress) and I have two children; daughter Anita 30 and son Jason 25."


www.dc2006.net/page2.html, Rees' own website. This page on his website was deleted after it was pointed out publicaly that he said he has three children on DC Pages and two children here. (Web pages never really disappear, so a copy of this deleted webpage is available.)





"While I am not a smoker, I see anti-smokers and their current cause in DC as being on the same mental wave length as abortion clinic bombers."








"I have received over 6,000 emails and I am busy communicating with voters this way more than by any other means because these are intelligent people who want to know my position on issues."


DC Pages: http://www.dcpages.com/forums/index.php?sh...=6203,%C2%A0and





"Today I had a chance to visit a few of our schools and I was shocked at seeing classrooms with peeling paint, windows where the wood was rotted, floor tiles that were cracked or pieces missing and a host of other ugliness.


"The Feds say we can upgrade our schools internally to the highest standards but we can only do that after closing down 12 of them and diverting the funds that would be use to keep them going to renovating the remaining ones.


"Whether you agree with me or not, help from the Feds probably won't come until we close down those schools unless City Council sees that funds are diverted from elsewhere."







"A Tenleytown List Server member wrote me an email today to complain about people in Tenleytown who own homes, have lived there for years but still have in their drive way out of state license plates on their cars arguing that these people have their primary home in DC and not the state of their tags but file yearly their income tax returns to that other state but not DC based upon his own investigation.


"Well, my crew and I in the distribution of my campaign literature has covered 75% of Ward 3 to date and we too have noticed this in a big way!


"I was then asked that since I am running on a platform of lowering property taxes 20% over a ten year period, would this include these SLICK WILLIE HOME OWNERS who live here, have for a long time but chose to file taxes elsewhere.


"My answer is .....................NO....!"







"Last night, all the city council members except Kathy Patterson attended an important meeting and debate between Mr. Bob [DC City Administrator] and Mr. Malson [President DC Hospital Association] over whether or not the DC Government will sink $400,000,000.00 into a new hospital on the grounds of the old DC General Hospital and each was alloted time to express their opinions and concerns but Ward 3 and its position on the new NCMC was not heard because Ms. Patterson true to form never shows up at these public forums to respresent the positikon of the people of Ward 3."







"Some people who have written elsewhere about the strict policy of the moderator of the Cleveland Park List Server said that they (he/she) will not accept any political postings and if they did, it better be of a Marxist leaning or it would be shot down.


"How true this is, is hard to know as this I was told might be a bias on the part of some but at minimum, the Cleveland Park List Serving is truly not very Democratic."







"The anti-smoking ban was not tabled for the reasons we think it was but it was tabled because campaign contributors mainly corporations threatened certain council members that if they pass it, kiss any campaign contributions in 2006 goodbye. That spelled political suicide for some top, heavy contenders! So it was tabled under a diusguise and a promise to re-visit but that too will get postponed until after November 2006.


"Corporate contributors behind the scenes want a compromise in the form of a ban but a way out, namely, bars and restaurants can get off the hook if they become a private establishments with 100 paid members.


"Snicker at some of the things I say but "I" not "you" sit down and talk behind the scene with our council members, their staffers and the like so I have been privy to a lot of stuff that would shock most of you."







"The Feds are now pressuring to close down schools but quietly are saying that if the DC Government shrinks it civil service rank and file we could divert the savings to our schools and so on."







"Is it any wonder that voter turn-out is at 42% in a presidential year and less otherwise."







"My goal was to get the word out about me and what I want to do and next things I know, I have people bickering. Is this necessary?"







"Councilmember Patterson along with others have proposed new and higher taxes on us, on a long string of things but specifically on things that most of us like such as tobacco, foods and so on."







"Before you judge someone based on the posting of others, take the time to know them by studying their positions and if you have no knowledge of the subject matter then pass but do not condem unless you can be sure your way is better and then share that with the candidate."







"I have a whole new website www.dc2006.net posted 9/15/2005, over 7,000 people have looked at it the past nine weeks and I have gotten 25 times the good repore than the other."



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I'm not here to support any particular candidate for Ward 3 City Council. I'm posting here because what I was reading on various neighborhood email lists was bothering me: Namely what appeared to fraudulent identities supporting Jonathan Rees. That's how Mr. Rees first caught my attention. I don't like it when a candidate for office makes up his supporters.


Many of these people appear not to exist; others appear to be stolen identities of actual individuals. Some of the names of fabricated identities are:


Harry Firestone

Alex Biddy

Angela Biddy

Nicole Dixon


Although I have no proof --yet-- I believe that Rees has also impersonated Sam Brooks, posting vile messages purporting to come from Mr. Brooks. (This wouldn't be out of character for Jonathan Rees, since he sent every judge on the DC Superior Court a gross, disturbing email -- and for this there's a Court record. And yes, it's the same Jonathan Rees.)


Eventually it will all come out and Rees' house of cards will collapse. In the meanwhile, I think it's important that people who live in Ward 3 take a very, very close look at Jonathan Rees -- his statements, his history, and his actions on the Internet.

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