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Kate Moss Is A Total Loser


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Oh my God, what is she thinking?

She should be thinking of her daughter, he is not exactly the ideal role model - a junkie rockstar.

I thought she had more sense to be honest. I think Jefferson Hack would have done her much more good, I feel really sorry for him.


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I'm afraid I wouldn't last long as a reporter on the Daily Mirror. If I had spotted Kate Moss taking what looked like cocaine at a party, it simply wouldn't have occurred to me that I was witnessing front-page news in the making - still less that I should tell my editor to hold pages one to five every day until further notice. "Supermodel scoffs doughnuts" - now that really would be a story. But "Supermodel snorts cocaine" ranks somewhere between "Dog bites man" and "Gardener mows lawn" on the Utley Scale of Earth-Shattering Revelations

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Guest ilovestarburst

I remember Kate was like an anti model when she came out, you know what I mean? Most models in the early 90s or something, looked coked out and were really skinny and stuff as somebody explained here. so yea.


they don't make them like her anymore. you have to be at least 5'7-5'8ish now. I know. I wanna be a model.

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Guest princessbunny

I saw her at Gatwick Airport a few years ago (sucking face with Jefferson at the Starbucks for like 30 minutes). I was next to them in line, she had super slouchy bad posture and stood shorter than me (I'm 5'7"). I'd say she's 5'7" at the very tallest & probably more like barely 5'6".


I've also read she's the shortest supermodel ever so that would make sense.

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I'm not saying I give a ***brown trout*** about Kate Moss, or feel sorry for her. Hell, this might be the most publicity she's had since she and Depp were busting up hotel rooms. But the whole feigned shock routine by these corporate wankers disgusts me more than her actions. So now we have to listen to an endless tirade of anti-drug mea culpas from Moss as she bullshits her way back into their good graces. Puke.

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