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Metro Prepares For Redskins Season


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As the Washington Redskins prepare for the 2005 National Football League season, Metro is also preparing for the upcoming football season at FedEx Field. With two new train stations near the stadium, new parking procedures for using the parking facilities at the new stations for non-Metrorail riders, and shuttle bus services, Metro would like to highlight its transit services for the upcoming football season.


Metrorail Service to FedEx Field


One option fans have this season is direct Metrorail service to FedEx Field. The Morgan Boulevard Metrorail station on the Blue Line is the closest station to FedEx Field. The station is nine-tenths of a mile from the stadium and a new walkway offers direct access to the stadium. The Largo Town Center Metrorail station, also on the Blue Line, is one mile away from the stadium.


The Morgan Boulevard and Largo Town Center Metrorail stations opened last December, and Metro anticipates a higher volume of Metrorail ridership at these stations on game days.


Metrobus Service to FedEx Field


A second option fans have is access to Metrobus shuttle service from the Landover Metrorail station on the Orange Line to FedEx Field. Metrobus shuttle service will be available from the Landover station beginning three hours before the opening kickoff, and continues two hours after the conclusion of the game. The shuttle service costs $5, with representatives from the Redskins collecting the $5 fee from Metrobus customers after they arrive at the stadium.


Parking Procedures at Morgan Boulevard and Largo Town Center


Non-Metrorail riders who park at the Morgan Boulevard and the Largo Town Center Metrorail stations to attend special designated events at FedEx Field will be required to pay $25 via their SmarTrip cards.


Metro's premium parking program requires Metrorail patrons who park at the Morgan Boulevard or Largo Town Center Metrorail stations during events at FedEx Field to use a SmarTrip card to exit during events because the SmarTrip card allows Metro to charge rail customers using the station for transit, to park, and pay the regular parking rate ($3.50 on weekdays) or free on weekends.


For non-Metrorail patrons parking at these facilities who do not have a SmarTrip card, Metro personnel will be on hand at each game to sell a SmarTrip card for $30, which includes a $5 fee for purchasing the card . Metro encourages fans to retain these cards for future use, either to use the rail system, or to use at these parking facilities if people wish to park there again. Metro also encourages customers to register the SmarTrip card online for protection in case of loss or theft.


Appropriate signage at these parking facilities, along with personnel from several Metro departments including Metro Transit Police will be available to assist fans with questions on the new parking procedures.


The non-Metrorail rider fee is in place three hours prior to event time and remains in effect until two hours after the event. This fee ensures that a premium market-based parking fee is charged to patrons attending these events.


"With the start of the new football season just around the corner, we want to remind our customers that they have several options for travel to FedEx Field," said Jim Hughes, Metro's Acting Deputy General Manager for Operations. "The number one option is the Metrorail system, since the new Morgan Boulevard station is less than a mile away and within walking distance. If customers want to use the shuttle bus service, it is still available at the Landover Metrorail station. However, no matter what customers choose as their option to get to FedEx Field this season, the best way to get there will be on Metro."

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