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On the Hispanic Forums everyone is negative towards Mexico (to me it's a fad on whats going on at the time. So on this thread I will Post what's going on Business Wise in Mexico.)











TransCanada awarded $181-million US Mexican pipeline project



Canadian Press



June 19, 2005


CALGARY (CP) - TransCanada Corp. has been awarded a contract to build and operate a 125-kilometre pipeline that will ship natural gas through Mexico.


The Calgary company said it will invest $181 million US in the construction of the pipeline, after being awarded the contract by Mexico's Comision Federal de Electricidad.


TransCanada will retain ownership of the pipeline after construction is complete.


The Tamazunchale Pipeline will extend from Naranjos to Tamazunchale and transport natural gas under a 26-year contract with the Mexican agency.


The pipeline will be designed to initially transport 170 million cubic feet per day. Its capacity will be expanded beginning in 2009 to about 430 mmcf/d.


TransCanada will immediately start construction, with hopes of the pipeline becoming operational by Dec. 1, 2006.


"We are pleased with the selection of our proposal for the Tamazunchale pipeline as we view Mexico as part of the broader North American gas market," Hal Kvisle, TransCanada's chief executive officer, said in a statement.


As a result of the new pipeline and other growth in natural gas demand, TransCanada said it expects the Mexican natural gas market, currently at six billion cubic feet per day, to grow to nine billion cubic feet per day by 2013 "and provide additional opportunities for TransCanada to invest in that country."


Kvisle said his company has a "competitive advantage" in the natural gas transmission business in Mexico and will look to expand its presence there.


TransCanada was the project manager, operator and largest partner in the 700-kilometre Energia Mayakan natural gas pipeline project in Mexico's Yucatan peninsula, which was the first pipeline of its kind in Mexico to have been awarded to the private sector.


TransCanada was also the project manager, operator and owner of the 200-kilometre El Bajio natural gas pipeline project. TransCanada sold its interests in these projects in 2000.

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