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The new Financial Framework should provide the financial means necessary to address effectively and equitably future internal and external challenges, including those resulting from disparities in the levels of development in an enlarged Union. It should, in parallel, attest to determined efforts towards budgetary discipline in all policy areas within a general context of budgetary consolidation in the Member States. Policies agreed in accordance with the Treaty should be consistent with the principles of subsidiarity, proportionality and solidarity. They should also provide added value.


The new financial perspective should cover the seven years between 2007 and 2013 and be drawn up for a European Union comprising 27 Member States on the working assumption that Bulgaria and Romania will join the Union in 2007.


The current financial framework and Interinstitutional Agreement have largely succeeded in their objective of ensuring financial discipline, the orderly evolution of expenditure and smooth budgetary procedures. The new agreement to be established between EP, Council and Commission will have to pursue the same objectives and should allow for the degree of flexibility needed to strike a satisfactory balance between budgetary discipline and efficient resources allocation.


There will be a concentration of structural and cohesion fund assistance on the least developed regions and Member States while providing for satisfactory transitional arrangements in particular for those contributing most to such a concentration. Actions supported by cohesion policy should be focussed on investment in a limited number of priorities organised around three Objectives: Convergence; Regional competitiveness and employment; Territorial cooperation.


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Guest Deana

Many Europeans just don't trust the EU anymore. Maybe now the politicians understand that they need to gain the trust of the Citiziens before taking any further steps. Europa can only get closer together if the people trust in it and the politicians didn't do anything to gain that trust.

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Guest Kurt

The EU seems less and less like what they signed on for. And was there actually voting for the EU by the citizens, or was it heaped upon them by their governments?

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