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Seeking Information - House Cleansing


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I'm a Washington, DC-based freelance writer who's working on an article about "house cleansing"-- a procedure in which a team of Christians walk through a house attempting to locate, identify, and drive out evil spirits. Several Anglican churches in the Washington, DC suburbs currently offer this service.

I'm seeking

1)to talk with anyone who knows about this subject;

2)to talk with anyone who has participated in a house cleansing; and

3)to eyewitness a house cleansing in the Washington DC area.

If you can help, or for more information, please reply.


Nathaniel Koch


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Mr. Wilbur,


Well, I'm not sure how to answer--that's not really a question journalists get asked very often. I'd have to say that it could always be better than it is.


Have you ever participated in a house cleansing, or do you know anyone who has?



Nat Koch

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If you look for the darkness you will find it. But, it is difficult to discern a psychopath from one that has been possessed. Both are what you would define as evil. But, a true possession is one that is a vessel of the dark one.


You need to be of strong mind and character to confront a possession. If you are not selfless and do not have a strong faith I would recommend you do not pursue this path.

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Guest Nat Koch
Mr. Wilbur,

Thank you again for your reply.

>> it is difficult to discern a psychopath from one that has been possessed...

Can you say a little more about this? Do you have any related training or first hand experience?

The purpose of the article is to provide an eyewitness account of a "house cleansing", and a range of views on the subject. I have done a dozen interviews so far, most with "charismatics", some of whom are (Anglican) priests. Some of these have done house cleansings. They distinguish house (or object) cleansing from (personal) possession-- they say they are not the same thing.

Nat Koch

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