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Guest Monsoor Ali

Do you have an urgent need to attend one of the many very important Senate or Supreme Court hearings held here in Washington DC? Do you not want to stand in the public lines that often start hours or even days before they actually start? The easy solution to securing your spot for the limited seating in these high profile events is to obtain your own, personal, and professional line stander from "District Assets". Professionally line standing in Washington DC for 9 years, our line standers can be in place as early as 3 hours or 3 days before the start of your hearing, depending on your needs. They hold a spot just for you and your associates if more than 1 spots is needed. We have the most competitive prices and the most prompt and professional staff. Because we hire our contractors from local DC residents that actually live within a 10 minute walking distance, you are sure to have one of the 1st 25 spots secured. We will stay in contact with you to keep you informed about any line or scheduling updates. We will even sit inside the hearings up to 20 minutes if you're running late until your arrival. Please contact agent Monsoor Ali at 202-290-6951 24 hours a day to book your linestander or linestanders. Please provide at least a 12 hour advance notice for all hearings. All line standing reservations begin at a minimum of 3 hours. Call now or email us for a quote at districtassets@gmail.com. We accept PayPal, checks, and Cash.


District Assets

Your satisfaction is our priority

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