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National Heritage Area Management Plan


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H.R.2833 - Yuma Crossing National Heritage Area Act of 2000

106th Congress (1999-2000)



( a ) In General.--To carry out the purposes of this Act, the
Secretary of the Interior shall enter into a compact with the management
( b ) Components of Compact.--The compact shall include information
relating to the objectives and management of the Heritage Area,
including each of the following:
( 1 ) A discussion of the goals and objects of the Heritage
( 2 ) An explanation of the proposed approach to conservation
and interpretation of the Heritage Area.
( 3 ) A general outline of the protection measures to which
the management entity commits.


( a ) Authorities of the Management Entity.--The management entity
may, for purposes of preparing and implementing the management plan, use
funds made available through this Act for the following:
( 1 ) To make grants to, and enter into cooperative agreements
with, States and their political subdivisions, private
organizations, or any person.
( 2 ) To hire and compensate staff.
( 3 ) To enter into contracts for goods and services.

( b ) Management Plan.--
( 1 ) In general.--Taking into consideration existing State,
county, and local plans, the management entity shall develop a
management plan for the Heritage Area.
( 2 ) Contents.--The management plan required by this
subsection shall include--
( A ) comprehensive recommendations for conservation,
funding, management, and development of the Heritage

( B ) actions to be undertaken by units of government
and private organizations to protect the resources of
the Heritage Area;
( C ) a list of specific existing and potential
sources of funding to protect, manage, and develop the
Heritage Area;
(D) an inventory of the resources contained in the
Heritage Area, including a list of any property in the
Heritage Area that is related to the themes of the
Heritage Area and that should be preserved, restored,
managed, developed, or maintained because of its
natural, cultural, historic, recreational, or scenic
( E ) a recommendation of policies for resource
management which considers and details application of
appropriate land and water management techniques,
including the development of intergovernmental
cooperative agreements to protect the historical,
cultural, recreational, and natural resources of the
Heritage Area in a manner consistent with supporting
appropriate and compatible economic viability;
( F ) a program for implementation of the management
plan by the management entity, including plans for
restoration and construction, and specific commitments
of the identified partners for the first 5 years of

( G ) an analysis of ways in which local, State, and
Federal programs may best be coordinated to promote the
purposes of this Act; and
( H ) an interpretation plan for the Heritage Area.
(3) Submission to secretary.--The management entity shall
submit the management plan to the Secretary for approval not
later than 3 years after the date of the enactment of this Act.
If a management plan is not submitted to the Secretary as
required within the specified time, the Heritage Area shall no
longer qualify for Federal funding.

© Duties of Management Entity.--In addition to its duties under
subsection ( b ), the management entity shall--
(1) give priority to implementing actions set forth in the
compact and management plan, including steps to assist units of
government, regional planning organizations, and nonprofit
organizations in preserving the Heritage Area;
( 2 ) assist units of government, regional planning
organizations, and nonprofit organizations with--
( A ) establishing and maintaining interpretive
exhibits in the Heritage Area;
( B ) developing recreational resources in the
Heritage Area;
( C ) increasing public awareness of and appreciation
for the natural, historical, and architectural resources
and sites in the Heritage Area;

( D ) restoring any historic building relating to the
themes of the Heritage Area; and
( E ) ensuring that clear, consistent, and
environmentally appropriate signs identifying access
points and sites of interest are put in place throughout
the Heritage Area;
(3) encourage, by appropriate means, economic viability in
the Heritage Area consistent with the goals of the management

(4) encourage local governments to adopt land use policies
consistent with the management of the Heritage Area and the
goals of the management plan;
(5) consider the interests of diverse governmental,
business, and nonprofit groups within the Heritage Area;
(6) conduct public meetings at least quarterly regarding the
implementation of the management plan; and
(7) for any year in which Federal funds have been received
under this Act, make available for audit all records pertaining
to the expenditure of such funds and any matching funds, and
require, for all agreements authorizing expenditure of Federal
funds by other organizations, that the receiving organizations
make available for audit all records pertaining to the
expenditure of such funds.

(d) Prohibition on the Acquisition of Real Property.--The management
entity may not use Federal funds received under this Act to acquire real
property or an interest in real property. Nothing in this Act shall
preclude any management entity from using Federal funds from other
sources for their permitted purposes.
(e) Spending for Non-Federally Owned Property.--The management
entity may spend Federal funds directly on non-federally owned property
to further the purposes of this Act, especially

[[Page 114 STAT. 1284]]

in assisting units of government in appropriate treatment of districts,
sites, buildings, structures, and objects listed or eligible for listing
on the National Register of Historic Places.


(a) Technical and Financial Assistance.--The Secretary may, upon
request of the management entity, provide technical and financial
assistance to the management entity to develop and implement the
management plan. In assisting the management entity, the Secretary shall
give priority to actions that in general assist in--
(1) conserving the significant natural, historic, and
cultural resources which support the themes of the Heritage
Area; and
(2) providing educational, interpretive, and recreational
opportunities consistent with resources and associated values of
the Heritage Area.

( b ) Approval and Disapproval of Management Plan.--The Secretary, in
consultation with the Yuma Crossing National Heritage Area Board of
Directors, shall approve or disapprove the management plan submitted
under this Act not later than 90 days after receiving such management
( c ) Action Following Disapproval.--If the Secretary disapproves a
submitted compact or management plan, the Secretary shall advise the
management entity in writing of the reasons therefor and shall make
recommendations for revisions in the management plan. The Secretary
shall approve or disapprove a proposed revision within 90 days after the
date it is submitted.
( d ) Approving Amendments.--The Secretary shall review substantial
amendments to the management plan for the Heritage Area. Funds
appropriated pursuant to this Act may not be expended to implement the
changes made by such amendments until the Secretary approves the
( e ) Documentation.--Subject to the availability of funds, the
Historic American Building Survey/Historic American Engineering Record
shall conduct those studies necessary to document the cultural,
historic, architectural, and natural resources of the Heritage Area.


The Secretary may not make any grant or provide any assistance under
this Act after September 30, 2015.


( a ) In General.--There is authorized to be appropriated under this
Act not more than $1,000,000 for any fiscal year. Not more than a total
of $10,000,000 may be appropriated for the Heritage Area under this Act.
( b ) 50 Percent Match.--Federal funding provided under this Act,
after the designation of the Heritage Area, may not exceed

50 percent of the total cost of any assistance or grant provided or
authorized under this Act.

Approved October 19, 2000.


HOUSE REPORTS: No. 106-740 (Comm. on Resources).
SENATE REPORTS: No. 106-340 accompanying S. 1998 (Comm. on Energy and
Natural Resources).
July 25, considered and passed House.
Oct. 5, considered and passed Senate.

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