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Guest Human

I will tell you something blaze, I met President Clinton, and I as a Republican never held no ill will towards him with the Monica matter.


If anyone has worked on the Hill? You know why he was so easily tempted. (Very nice eye candy there. You can always tell who is looking for a promotion or a better job.)


Having said that, I've seen that you are trying to create a niche in the web market.


Right now the web is in a Business Enviorment mode. What you have to create is a product that no one else has, and everyone wants. It really doesn't matter whether you are Republican, or Democrat. Information doesn't care what group you belong too.


What brought me to dcpages.com a while back ago, was that they had information about dc that no one else had. It's really that simple.

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You never respond to questions. You might as well call yourself a spammer. I am going to have to ban your future posts in the future and put you on the spammer watch list if you do not respect our guidelines.

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