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Samba Titus. (barrister At Law) Scam

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The is one of the more humorous spams that I have received. I do not

understand how anyone can be a fool to this proposition.




Samba Titus

Heemraadssingel 285

3023 BG Rotterdam



Dear Friend,

I am barrister Samba Titus, solicitor and notary public, the personal

attorney to Mr. Mark G. Morris. On the 21st of April 2002, my client

his wife and two daughters were involved in a car accident along

Pretoria express road South Africa. Unfortunately they lost their lives in the

event of the accident.


I am writing this letter to solicit your cooperation in order to redeem

an investment interest currently being held under trust with the South

Africa ministry of Energy and Mineral resources. The said investment now

valued at (10.5million United States dollars) was originally purchased by my

late client Mr. Mark G. Morris leased to the Free Estate Consolidated

Corporation in 1999 for (4) years.


The duration for this lease has long matured and I have been contacted

by the company to produce my client?s next of kin to file in application

for claims. Hence, I seek your consent to present you as the next of kin of

the deceased, this funds could be confiscated if I do not present his

next of kin within a short time given.


I could file a claim for this money to this ministry claiming that you

are the next of kin to my late client Mr. Mark G. Morris as the beneficiary

and next of kin to the funds as soon as the claims is approved the

stated sum will be transferred into any account of your choice after which I

shall travel to meet with you to discuss investment plans.


I now seek your permission to have you stand as the next of kin to my

client, all documentations will be carefully worked out by me for the release

of this fund in your favor, please acknowledge receipt of this message in

acceptance of our mutual business endeavor by furnishing me with the following



1. Your name and address

2. Direct telephone/mobile and fax numbers

This information?s will enable me file in a letter of claims to the

appropriate departments for necessary approvals in your favor before

the transfer can be affected. We would reserve 50% of the funds for Charity

purposes and the balance 50% will be shared between us on a final

conclusion of this project.


Do not take undue advantage of this trust I have bestowed in you.

Please reply through this email address sambatitus@lawyer.com or

if you are interested, if you are not, it will enable me scout for another

foreign Partner .



Samba Titus. (Barrister at Law)

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