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Freedom To Connect Conference

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I'm writing to tell you about a conference I am organizing, one that I

think you'll find critical to upcoming policy debates.

It is called F2C: Freedom to Connect. It will be held on March 30 & 31 at

AFI Silver in Silver Spring.

All details at http://freedom-to-connect.net


The idea is to provide a! "first-mile" view of network progress and

telecom policy, the view of the end user, the innovator and

the smaller service provider. Along the way, we'll discuss the Grokster

and Brand X cases, which the Supreme Court will have

just heard. And there will be a Great Debate on the shape of the Next

Telecom Act.


Featured speakers include Vint Cerf, Dan Gillmor, and Jim Baller. Dianah

Neff, the CIO of Philadelphia, and Terry Huval, the head

of the Lafayette, Louisiana municipal utility district, will tell the story

of their&n! bsp;cities' struggles to build broadband netw

orks. Scott Heiferman, founder of Meetup.com will show how Freedom to

Connect is crucial to Freedom of Assembly.

Reverend AKM Adam, the Blogging Reverend, will explain how connectedness is

next to Godliness. David Weinberger,

a Philosophy Ph.D. who wrote jokes for Woody Allen, will deliver the

closing keynote.


Register at http://freedom-to-connect.net


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