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The Congo U.n. Report


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The report on the Congo sex scandal came out by the United Nations.


Ya know people, that report did not surprise me, and I will tell you why.


When I use to be on aol " a while back ago" I use to go into a chatroom there called the "aclu chats". Oh!!!! that place was lively "to say the least". Well in anycase one of the people that use to come in there worked for one of U.N. health organizations in the dominican republic, and that he would pick up when he was there " for two to three months" 13 to 14 year old girls " all of the time".


Of course I reported him, but nothing ever seemed to come of it. I forgot the exact year that i reported the guy on, I know that it was during the clinton years, but thats about it. I also forgot the guys screen name but I will never forget what he said. When he typed about it in an open chatroom " it was like normal to him to do that to kids."


To this day I still shake my head in disbelief thinking that people can do that kids, but it doesn't surprise me anymore.

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