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Green Tea Reduces Cancer


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there are two good links for researching out medical info,

(well there is more than two, but I wont overwhelm you with too much information)


there is clinicaltrials.gov and



There is also at the fda web site a link called " the orange book" the orange book will tell you which manufacturer is making which drug by active ingredient





Green Tea May Block Prostate Cancer


Green tea contains chemicals called polyphenols that appear to slow the progression of prostate cancer, at least in mice, according to a report in the journal Cancer Research. Dr. Hasan Mukhtar, at the University of Wisconsin in Madison, and colleagues previously showed that feeding mice green tea polyphenols blocked the development and progression of prostate cancer. In the current study, the researchers clarified the chemical basis for this observation. They found that polyphenols inhibited a chemical pathway that plays a key role in the development of prostate cancer.





Tea Might Protect Transplanted Livers

Green tea extract cut post-surgical troubles in mice



WEDNESDAY, Feb. 23 (HealthDayNews) -- An antioxidant found in green tea may help protect patients recovering from liver transplant, suggests a study in mice.


Restrictions in blood flow, or ischemia, can lead to complications following liver transplantation in humans, particularly if the liver is fatty, as it can be in obese individuals.


But a natural antioxidant found in green tea may protect transplanted organs from ischemia-linked damage, according to researchers at the Medical University of South Carolina, in Charleston.


A previous study found the simple act of rinsing fatty livers in a solution containing green tea extract helped prevent transplant failure.


In their study, the Charleston team gave mice doses of EGCG, the major antioxidant flavonoid found in green tea. They then performed surgeries resulting in ischemia that threatened to injure the rodents' livers.


Mice receiving the green tea derivative showed a 100 percent post-surgery survival rate, compared to a 65 percent survival for animals not receiving the compound. Tissue analysis showed that mice receiving the tea extract experienced less liver cell death and retained a higher percentage of viable tissue.


Further research suggests the green tea extract acts as an antioxidant, protecting fatty livers from injury while reducing liver fat content by about 55 percent.


The findings appear in the March issue of Liver Transplantation.


More information


The National Institutes of Health have more about liver transplants.





2 studies were found.

1. Recruiting Green Tea Extract (Polyphenon E) in Preventing Cancer in Healthy Participants

Condition: unspecified adult solid tumor, protocol specific

2. Recruiting Erlotinib and Green Tea Extract (Polyphenon® E) in Preventing Cancer Recurrence in Former Smokers Who Have Undergone Surgery for Bladder Cancer

Conditions: transitional cell carcinoma of the bladder; stage 0 bladder cancer; stage I bladder cancer

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