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No Coles....how About Moss?


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I know the Minnesota Vikings are now saying that Randy Moss is not going anywhere, but how good would he look in a Redskins uniform if Coles really does want out?


With a track record that Moss has, the Vikings would have to listen to offers from any team. A game-breaking receiver like Moss could really open up the Redskins' offense and allow Clinton Portis to run free.


To me, it seems like a good risk-reward situation for the Redskins.

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Guest Chief Z

I don't know if we would want a receiver with an attitude problem. Moss gets way to much money to stomp off a field and pout like a baby.


I know the real reason why Coles does not want to play for Gibbs. He is just does not like getting hit so many times on short passing routes.

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I know what you're saying about the attitude problem, but I think it's a risk worth at least looking into. If he really is a problem, he might not be that hard to get.


We'd just have to hope Gibbs is savy enough to handle these me-me personalities that weren't around in the glory days of the 80s.


All I know is something needs to change with the team. Every year moves are made to supposedly put the team in contention and every year there is a new set of excuses why it didn't get done.


Maybe it's time to make the unconventional move and hope for the big reward.

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I think Joe Gibbs should finangle to draft USC's Mike Williams. His is an intimidating receiver. He has tremendous ball skills, adjusts well to the ball while it's in the air, and makes tough catches in traffic... has great hands. He runs good routes, has tremendous acceleration off the line, and does a good job of gaining separation from his opponents.


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Mike Williams is a great receiver and any team would love to have him....one day. He's not a great receiver now and the Redskins need an immediate impact. That's why Randy Moss is a good fit. You don't get more impact that that guy. Unfortantely, some of his impact is of the negative variety.


It will be an interesting draft for the Redskins. They pick 9th in the first round, right after Oakland and Arizona who probably don't need wide receivers. I doubt Michigan's Braylon Edwards will still be available. But Williams will be the likely choice if he's there.

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