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Bush On Drugs

Guest Bill Mayer

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Actually President Bush has in the past supported of states' rights on the medical marijuana issue that conflicted with many GOP lawmakers' belief that such laws undermine anti-drug efforts.


I personally think his comment was admirable.


"I won't answer the marijuana question. Do you know why? Because I don't want young children to use something I had tried. " White House Spokesman Mr. Ken Lisaius noted that the President was disappointed that the conversation had been broadcast, and stressed that it was a private conversation that Bush had with a man whom he thought was a friend.

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The anti-drug effort was lost the moment the pharmaceutical companies starting advertising on T.V.


The hypocrisy of advertising "even legal drugs" on T.V. told the young that there is a double standard.

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Guest Jeezsis
"Bush on Drugs"

Back in the days of the late sixties and early seventies, the only persons who didn't at least try a few drugs were the friendless psychos and the Nixon Republicans (also psychos).


The elections of 2000 and '04 came down to former pot smokers (Gore and Kerry) vs. former cocaine fiend (Bush).


In my experience, potheads are often a bit lazy and slow, but they are usually thoughtful and ethical individuals. Cocaine fiends are liars and thieves.


And anyone who objectively and seriously looks at the life stories of these three men, you can easily that this is true.

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Who honestly cares if the President smoked a little weed? I hope that we are not naive enough to think that most children and young adults have at least tried getting high. Having a president actually admit it is not going to send the American youth into a drug binge. Even the "nerdy" kids in my high school smoked pot. Its funny how alcohol and cigarette’s are legal yet marijuana isn't. Maybe the amount of money these companies stuff into the government’s pockets has something to do with it. Hmmm,


I'm not saying that everyone should go home and light up a joint, but passing judgment on someone for something they did decades ago is foolish. I'm sure we all have some regrets in our life, probably ones that make getting high a few times seem trivial.

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Guest Human

Hey!! Hey,Hey,Hey, I got one of the Nixon Posters, and I aint a psycho.


You know how hard it is to get a poster of Nixon?

It aint easy. I liked Nixon,(now there was an upstanding fellow.)


By the way Mary; A big Amen on your last sentence.


For ALL the Democrats who are thinking of getting Moral on me here, remember what your side did to the CIA? You micromanaged them to the point that they became ineffective.


( Now that , that is out of the way; I will be Happy when WARM Weather back.)



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