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Syria Vs. United States

Guest David Rosen

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naw! no war with syria, but economic sanctions are on the table.


How ever I was hoping that the "United States" would have gone to war with Iran, but sadly it does not look like that will happen.


I never did agree with the war with Iraq, but Iran is a different story.

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I've seen with what's out there, and "WOW". Most of the weapons web sites are now password protected. (thankfully)


IN some ways I am glad that the internet is actually "shrinking". ( in terms of what type of information that people can access. It still is scary, but I am no longer saying " oh my god!!! they post that on the internet?".)

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Israel is fearing a double-cross by Moscow on arms deals that could make Syria a more serious strategic missile threat to the Jewish state, reports Joseph Farah's G2 Bulletin.


Syrian President Bashar al-Assad is planning his first state visit to Russia next week and he goes with a long shopping list of cooperation agreements and arms deals. The visit comes at a time when Russia is embarking on a plan to expand its political influence and once again become a key player in Middle Eastern affairs, according to the report by Yoram East in the premium, weekly intelligence newsletter published by WND.


Topping the Syrian shopping list are upgrades of packages for existing equipment, including hundreds of artillery and ballistic missiles. Next is the purchase of at least 18 units of the SS-26 surface-to-surface missiles, also known as Iskander-E.


Israel's main concerns are not so much about the sale of modern weapon systems to replace aging equipment in the Syrian military, but rather about Israeli technology incorporated in these systems offered by the Russians to their military hardware clientele.

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The SA-18 gives the user more time to fire, has a greater range and can target any part of an aircraft, not just the heat-emitting rear section.


The SA-18 also can cut through many Western defenses. For example, it is resistant to most flares, which are used by Western armies to put anti-aircraft missiles off track. The missiles cost about $250,000 each, Beaver said.


Prime Minister Ariel Sharon, who


Both Israel and the US are concerned that the missiles could easily be transferred to Hizbullah, Palestinian terrorist groups, or across the border into Iraq, where they could be used against American forces or target civilian airliners.


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