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Stinger Missiles In Terrorists' Hands


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Here is an article I just read from the Northeast Intelligence Network. This is pretty scarry stuff if any of it is true.


Most recent research of terrorist websites found that the terrorists have republished instructions on using shoulder fired missile systems on the Internet. The Northeast Intelligence Network has furnished the applicable documentation to US militarty and intelligence officials regarding these messages. Although the postings appear to be centered on the Iraq therater of operation, it is important to note, especially with the increase in incidents involving lasers in the US and elsewhere, that the FBI issued a warning about missiles in the US early in 2002:

"...given al Qaeda's demonstrated objective to target the U.S. airline industry, its access to U.S. and Russian-made MANPAD systems, and recent apparent targeting of U.S.-led military forces in Saudi Arabia, law enforcement agencies in the United States should remain alert to potential use of MANPADs against U.S. aircraft."


It has been reported that the United States government has alerted airlines and law enforcement agencies that intelligence indicates that Islamic terrorists have smuggled shoulder-fired anti- aircraft missiles into the country. Classified intelligence reports circulated among policymakers in Washington in early 2002 identified the missiles as Russian-made SA-7 surface-to-air missiles or U.S.-made Stinger anti-aircraft missiles obtained covertly in Afghanistan. The SA-7s have a range of more than three miles and can hit aircraft flying at 13,500 feet. Stinger missiles can hit aircraft flying at 10,000 feet and five miles away.


From a GAO report in 2004: "The proliferation of man-portable air defense systems (MANPADS) has been of growing concern to the United States and other governments." Terrorists are attracted to the weapons as a way to bring down commercial airliners because the weapons are deadly, portable, easy to use, easy to hide and cost from less than $1,000 each to $100,000.


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I could easily believe that article.Considering whats on the internet as well, it's very possible that the article is 100% correct. In that those type of weapons are out there.


Let me give you an example here; If any of you watch on the scifi channel "stargate sg1"? (I was always interested on where they got those glasses? that jack oniel wears.

So I went looking through many a military web sites for them, and found them, of course I found alot more than just glasses.)


Oh!!! here is the glasses web site http://www.wileyx.com/

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Oh!!! A side note;


To everything else I found out on the net, I got the people who ran the web sites to make it password protected. At least that's one avenue that the terrorists won’t have access too.



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