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James Woods Spotted 9-11 Terrorists


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You might have read this before, but I just listened to James Wood on Howard Stern. He spoke on how he spotted the 911 terrorist on a rehersal flight in August

2001. He stated that the FAA would not do anything about it. He later learned from

the FBI that the people he saw on his flight were actually the terrorist who plotted 9-11.


I found a partial transcript from The O'Reilly Factor, February 14, 2002. What an amazing story.


I was on a flight, without going into the details of what made me suspicious of these four men, although it would have been blatantly obvious to the most casual observer, I took it upon myself to go to the flight attendant and ask to speak to the pilot of the plane.  The first officer came out.  I reported to him that I felt that the four men, and I said, "Can you look over my shoulder and see who I'm talking about?"  And he said, "Yeah."  I said I think they're going to hijack this plane.  I mean,  everything they're doing, and I explained to him these details, which I've been asked to keep private, until whatever jurisdiction, you know -- whatever trials may take place, their behavior was such that  I felt that they were going to hijack the plane.


When I got home that night, it had been a very turbulent flight, I had said to this woman I'm  dating, and my girlfriend and my best friend, she said, "How was the flight?"  And I said, "Well aside from the terrorists and the turbulence, it was fine," which was now in retrospect not such a very funny joke, but it was August 1 and nobody was thinking along those lines.


And when 9/11 happened, we were all stunned.  And we all happened to be at my house that evening.  And my friend Scott said to me, "You know, remember that flight you took in August?"  I said, "Yes, I've been thinking about it all day."  He said, "Well, maybe you should call the FBI."  And I said, "I'm sure they're being inundated."


Quarter to seven in the morning.  And said -- and I -- and this is the only funny part of any of this.  I said, "How did you know where I lived?"  And there was a pause.  He said, "We're the FBI, thank you."


So they came in.  And I said, "Look, I'm dying to know, were these the guys?  And he said, "Well, we've had 36,000 tips in one day.  And there's two of us and we're going to be at your house all this morning.  So you can do the math, but we can't tell you."  You know, so since then, I have identified for sure two of them as two of the terrorists.


Who actually were not on Flight 11, but one was on flight 175 and one was on flight 77.  And I've been told unofficially, not by the FBI, but by someone else in a -- actually a higher level of government, believe it or not, just through a coincidence, through a mutual friend, that all four of  them were terrorists involved. 


But what's significant about this is that it was a rehearsal with four men.  And I can't say it as a fact that they were the four, but I've been led to believe without going into the details of how, that they were on different flights.  So the notion that they were separate cells when -- and this is tricky territory, but I think in the Moussaoui trial, there's going to be some contention that, you know, he was a soldier and didn't know what was going to happen

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