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IN a dream that I had recently, A relative that long sinced passed came to me in a dream. I have never dreamed of him "EVER". In the dream I looked at him (he had a peacefull look about him), and I said to him "you are dead", he looked back at me and nodded YES.


Then without me saying another word he gave me a set of numbers. I have looked up the numbers on the internet "just to see what they mean", and the answer was interesting to say the least.



Oh!!! I remebered when I got into my dreams. Even the nightmares were fun. You see I trained myself over a period of years to realise when I was dreaming to then just go with it, to see just how far that I could go.



I use to get into my dreams alot, but oneday "many years ago" I stopped. The reason being that in a dream that I had, I could NOT tell whether I was dreaming or awake. As you can imagine that shook me up a great deal, since then I have avoided remembering any of my dreams.

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