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Librarian website chat room, any recommendation?


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I am a librarian and would like to interact with other librarians or people interested in books. Lately I added a chat room (text chat) that let me add YouTube videos and images. This made users stay longer.
The issue is that I cannot integrate my user base (I have around 1500 users) to the chat room and all need to re-login.
I have checked both RumbleTalk chat and c-box chat but then the lack of 3rd party users integration is a problem, any recommendation?


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Guest Sherrysh
Hello there people! Well a lot of my friends said that why I don't simply use Facebook or some Google application and I always need to explain that there is a lot of difference between some google app or Rumbletalk for an instance.

It is different! A lot! It can be completely integrated to your webpage and that is why I decided to start using Rumbletalk. I personally think that it is the best html chat room app in the world.

It is worth trying it, for sure!


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Guest Guest

Thanks for your replies. Well I would say that using or at least trying Rumbletalk is very much worth it. They even offer a FREE trial now. It is basically one of the best Community chat

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