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That is pretty cool Surfer!


Here is a press release I found.


Skype Technologies S.A., the Global P2P Telephony Company that provides consumers with the ability to make free voice calls using their broadband connections, today announced the expansion of Asian language options, adding Chinese, Japanese and Korean to the twelve languages already offered on Skype. The enhancement enables consumers world wide to interact with the software in their language of choice and reinforces Skype’s commitment to the Asian market.


What is Skype?


Skype is ‘Free Speech’ over the Internet — offering free software that allows free, high quality, unlimited, worldwide voice calling over the Internet

Skype facilitates a user-built global phone directory accessible to all users

Skype works behind most firewalls with no special configuration needed and is easy to download in both the home and the work place

Skype helps people to reduce their phone bills

Skype offers higher quality calling for broadband users and is also available to dial-up Internet users

The new Asian language offerings build on the Danish, Dutch, English, Estonian, Finnish, French, German, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Spanish, and Swedish versions already available

Users can easily select their language of choice when they install Skype

Skype delights the user, is fun and just works!

“Skype is transforming voice communications and taking telephony to a new level,” Zennström added. “Skype allows consumers to take full advantage of their broadband and computer investments. In our first 5 months 2.4 million users from 200 countries have joined our rapidly expanding network. While Skype will remain committed to a simple-to-use yet feature rich and free offering, we will introduce an array of premium services at our first commercial launch in 2004.”


In addition to 15 language translations of the software, Skype is also equipped with a language editor that allows users to translate Skype into their own language, empowering people to further broaden the Skype community in their own countries.

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