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Adding links to your web site can drop your search engine rankings


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If you get and email or phone call from an Search Engine Optimization company (SEO) saying they will increase your page rankings organically do not agree with their service. Do not do say yes until you clearly understand what they are doing.


Many SEO companies will say they have tricks to make you popular. Google, Bing, will drop your web site ranking in a heart beat if they think you are using unnatural 'Black Hat' methods to reach the top. These SEO companies may give your web sites initial jumps in your page rankings, but the true test is time. One day you will notice your page went from number 1 to not listed in the top 100, because you trusted a contractor or agency that offered you services at $3.00 an hour or an automated link submission service for a $100.00. Just do not do it. Spammy, artificial, or low-quality links pointing to your site will do more harm than good.


If you have any questions please feel free to contact me. I have been in the business for two decades now. And I understand how difficult it really is to reach the top.


I will audit your web site and let you know what needs to be done to improve your web site performance.

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