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Happy Eid


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Each year, Islamic and Arab nation well


And Muslims all over the world to the health and happiness


Eid-Al-Fitr is one of the major holidays of Islam. It comes at the end of the holy month of Ramadan and celebrates the end of the fasting. The holiday comes on the first day of the 10th month in the Islamic lunar calendar.


Because the month of Ramadan is all about fasting, Eid-Al-Fitr is all about NOT fasting. During Ramadan, Muslims have not eaten while the Sun is in the sky. On Eid-Al-Fitr, they celebrate the end of Ramadan with a sweet snack and then get ready for a day of celebration.


On this day, Muslims are encouraged to dress in their best clothes and attend a special Eid prayer at their neighborhood mosque. Before the prayer begins, Muslims make an alms payment (the Zakat al Fitr) Corner of the five pillars of Islam

Such as prayer and fasting

Take money from the rich and the poor are given

Thereby achieving social solidarity in Islam



for the month of Ramadan, in the form of food or its cash equivalent. This food and / or money is then distributed to the poor. After the special religious service, the focus turns to gift-giving. Children are given many gifts. Women get gifts from their loved ones. Also on this day, people are encouraged to settle feuds or disputes, especially those between family members.

Eid Al-Fitr means "Feast of Fast-Breaking." It is often celebrated during three days, with the first day marking the end of Ramadan.




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During Eid celebration for Muslims

Differs from non-Muslim celebration

Not adultery - not drinking alcohol - not for committing sins



First thanks to God through the Eid prayer


Wear the best clothes


Visit neighbors and friends and uphold the ties of kinship

Exchanging gifts

And enjoy the beautiful in public places

And enjoy the happy days

Enjoy life

God guide you to Islam#!


Eid (Happy days) Mubarak......^_^

Happy days

Eid Mubarak.....^_^


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The occasion is Eid ul-Fitr which means 'festivity of breaking the fast'...


It is the celebration after the fast of the month of Ramadan... Ramadan is the month of the Quranic revelation, Muslims use this month to reconnect to the Quran and build a stronger relationship with Allah. This is achieved by fasting from food and s-exual activities with one's spouse during the daylight hours, refraining from foul and shameless language and actions, increased acts of charity to the less fortunate, reciting the word of God Etc...


We learn self restraint against our permitted human desires and hopefully would build stronger restraint against desires that are not permissible.


Basically making a stronger effort to be the best you can be and come out a better human being at the end... It is like a training course for the muslim... At the end of the course, we get our certificate and a feast.... We repeat the training course once every year.


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Christianity believes the same thing.


1 Corinthians 6


6:9 Do you not know that the unrighteous will not inherit the kingdom of God? Do not be deceived! The sexually immoral, idolaters, adulterers, passive homosexual partners, practicing homosexuals,


6:10 thieves, the greedy, drunkards, the verbally abusive, and swindlers will not inherit the kingdom of God.

1 John 2


2:15 Do not love the world or the things in the world. If anyone loves the world, the love of the Father is not in him,


2:16 because all that is in the world (the desire of the flesh and the desire of the eyes and the arrogance produced by material possessions) is not from the Father, but is from the world.


2:17 And the world is passing away with all its desires, but the person who does the will of God remains forever.

Jewish people as well.


Isaiah 58


58:3 They lament, ‘Why don’t you notice when we fast?


Why don’t you pay attention when we humble ourselves?’


Look, at the same time you fast, you satisfy your selfish desires,


you oppress your workers.


58:4 Look, your fasting is accompanied by arguments, brawls,


and fistfights.


Do not fast as you do today,


trying to make your voice heard in heaven.


58:5 Is this really the kind of fasting I want?


Do I want a day when people merely humble themselves,


bowing their heads like a reed


and stretching out on sackcloth and ashes?


Is this really what you call a fast,


a day that is pleasing to the Lord?


58:6 No, this is the kind of fast I want.


I want you to remove the sinful chains,


to tear away the ropes of the burdensome yoke,


to set free the oppressed,


and to break every burdensome yoke.


58:7 I want you 15 to share your food with the hungry


and to provide shelter for homeless, oppressed people.


When you see someone unclothed, clothe him!


Don’t turn your back on your own flesh and blood!


58:8 Then your light will shine like the sunrise;


your restoration will quickly arrive;


your godly behavior will go before you,


and the Lord’s splendor will be your rear guard.


58:9 Then you will call out, and the Lord will respond;


you will cry out, and he will reply, ‘Here I am.’


You must 22 remove the burdensome yoke from among you


and stop pointing fingers and speaking sinfully.


58:10 You must actively help the hungry


and feed the oppressed.


Then your light will dispel the darkness,


and your darkness will be transformed into noonday.


58:11 The Lord will continually lead you;


he will feed you even in parched regions.


He will give you renewed strength,


and you will be like a well-watered garden,


like a spring that continually produces water.


58:12 Your perpetual ruins will be rebuilt;


you will reestablish the ancient foundations.


You will be called, ‘The one who repairs broken walls,


the one who makes the streets inhabitable again.’


58:13 You must observe the Sabbath


rather than doing anything you please on my holy day.


You must look forward to the Sabbath


and treat the Lord’s holy day with respect.


You must treat it with respect by refraining from your normal activities,


and by refraining from your selfish pursuits and from making business deals.


58:14 Then you will find joy in your relationship to the Lord,


and I will give you great prosperity,


and cause crops to grow on the land I gave to your ancestor Jacob.”


Know for certain that the Lord has spoken.

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