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Three Programs for LGBT Individuals

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Program A): LGBT Spirituality Week in Provincetown, Mass

Description: Join a group of G&L spiritual seekers, for a week of sharing, learning, spiritual practices, and building of community in a beautiful place in Provincetown! For a full description, go to www.ajvargas.com and browse the calendar for July 6-13.

Program B):
A Workshop for Men: "Exploring Relationships among Men"

Dates: From Thursday eve, July 25th, starting at 11am, until Friday afternoon July 26th, ending after Lunch.

Place: Provincetown, Mass, (place to be announced).

Instructor: Arnie J Vargas, MSW, LCSW

Target population: Small group of men (10 maximum) 18 years old and older, gay, bi-sexual, curious, single or partnered.

Objective: To explore relationship models for men ranging from traditional to alternative, and to value what each model has to offer.

This weekend will allow participants to explore the retreat's theme in a small, informal, safe and nurturing environment, in the company of other men of diverse background. The workshop has and will be offering in larger venues. This is the ideal retreat for those who value and benefit most from a smaller group workshop. Because the program will be kept small. Early registration is highly encouraged. We will share delicious meals, laughter, bodywork, healing touch, and much more!!!!

We will explore and work through:

__ The effects of Homophobia and Patriarchy particularly in men,

__ The challenges that men-who-love men face and how to work them through in a constructive, positive way.

__ Intimacy and why it can be scary.

__ The relationship and conflicts between body image and one's internal values,

__ The positive/healing role spirituality can play in a the life of a man-who-loves-men.

__ and much more. Guest teachers may be invited to the weekend.

The format will be lecture/ discussion, individual and dyad work and group exercises. Some exercises will involve nudity. While we invite pushing boundaries and taking risks, no one will be asked to do anything that risks health, nor it violates any boundaries or values that are important to each person. The goal of this weekend is that all walk away with a wider, more positive view of oneself and with tools to form and maintain positive relationships.

Cost: Workshop only: $100 per person or $150 for a couple,

Package A) Workshop and meals: (Lunch, Dinner and snacks on Thursday, Breakfast, and Lunch on Friday) $175 per person or $225 per couple,

Package B) Workshop, meals (as above) plus lodging (dorm style, in inflatables, or sharing bed): $225 per person .

There is one private room only with a full size bed, . Preference will be given to a couple or to an individual who needs private accommodations. Couples will have first choice, however, the room will be rented to whoever requests it first.

Package C) Price for workshop, private room and meals: $275

Those lodging and wishing to arrive prior to the workshop, and/or staying a day later, can do so for the price of $100 per each extra day in shared accommodations (inflatable mattresses in a large common room (food included) and extra days will be subject to availability. For accommodations in private room (also subject to availability), please inquire.

For further information; Contact Arnie at: 1-800-314-7618 , or via email: arnievargas@gmail.com

To register: Send an email with A) your name, address, phone contact and email, and B) Type of Package desired. A $50 fee payable via check, PayPal, or credit card, must accompany registration. Cancellation policy: If cancelling, deposits will be refunded, only if a replacement can be found.

Looking forward to having you among us!!!
Program C: "Men-Who-Love-Men: A Seven Day Summit in Cape May, NJ"

Dates: From Saturday, August 10, starting at 8pm, until Saturday, Friday, August 16, 2013, ending with Lunch.

Place: A private, beautiful setting in Cape May, NJ (oldest Sea Shore Resort on the east Coast)

Target Population: Any man who identifies himself as a Man-Who-Loves-Men whether self-identified as Gay, Bisexual, Heterosexual, Questioning, or Transgender. (must be over 18 years of age).

Description: Why this Summit at this time? You are being invited to gather with like minded men to * explore, * question, *assert, * self-define, * celebrate, * heal, * connect, * build community, * and much more. As we come together as a tribe of men of diverse backgrounds, ideas, talents, cultures, etc, we have a tremendous opportunity to discover our commonalities and how to use them to re-enforce our place in the world, and to contribute to the betterment of ourselves as men, as a consequence, the betterment of our world. We will do this through:

* Stimulating Workshops on issues that pertain to us as men, particularly as Men-Who-Love-Men,

* Dynamic Exercises to stimulate Mind, Body and Spirit,

* Having an experience of what it takes to live as a community and function in relationships (respecting boundaries, negotiating, maintaining our space, etc),

* Group support on how to keep an eye on goals and accomplish them,

* and much more...

In addition to the "academic" part of the week, which will deal with a wide range of topics, there will be free time to explore the town, enjoy the beautiful beach, and take side trips to nearby attractions. Ideal weekend for exploring practices that perhaps have called your attention before and now can be experienced individually and with a group of like minded men such as; Yoga or Body Movement, Healing work, Tantra, or even something you would like to teach the group!!!

We will be staying in a beautiful house in Cape May where we will be well fed and cared for. Saturday night will be our arrival and opening dinner, where we will start to get to know one another informally. In order to allow for comfortable arrival and departure, the program formally starts on Sunday after Breakfast, and it ends on Friday after Lunch. We have the house from Saturday to Saturday. Early arrival is possible by 5pm on the Saturday we start, and everyone is welcome to stay til Saturday morning on our final day, provided the house can be ready to be released to the cleaning team by 10am.

Don't miss this transformational week!! Come and make a commitment to honor yourself by taking the time to invest on your physical, emotional, and psychological health, supported by your Tribe.
We owe it to ourselves to do this and we can do it! Arrange to have this time off and go for it!!

Group will be limited to 16 so register now!!!


A) $1,300 per person for the week in Private Room (limited),
includes: the program fee, lodging and meals (Saturday night's dinner, all meals from Sunday-Thursday, Breakfast and Lunch on Friday) in private room.

B) $1,000 for the week in shared room,
includes: all of the above in a shared room ( 2 or more in a room).

C) $650 per person in shared bed (two friends traveling together or couples).

Commuter's Price: $400 per person for the week
(program fee and meals).

Registration: Register between now and July 1st to receive a $75 discount on any of the above prices!!! To register:

Go to:
http://ajvargas.blogspot.com/p/application-form.html and complete the registration form. Specify under "Special Needs" any special diet or anything else we should be aware of. A $100 deposit must accompany all registrations (See registration form for payment methods accepted).

Transportation information will be sent to anyone who requests it. If willing to offer rides from NYC or some other place, or if needing a ride, please indicate on your registration form. We will do our best to connect those offering transportation with those who need it, as well as to provide information on how to get to Cape May by public transportation. An email with other pertaining information and address to the event, will be sent to all registered.

For further information:
Contact Arnie at: 1-800-314-7618 (Phone/Fax), or via email: arnievargas@gmail.com


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