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About 2 years ago I bought a HP computer (it never worked); I sent it back to HP a total of 3 times. Each time HP told me it was fixed, when I got the computer back, it still would not even turn on.


Finally out of frustration I sent it to a tech that I know of in DC, and got it fixed.

I e-mailed HP telling them of the problem, and hoping that they"HP" would at least cover the cost of a new motherboard.


I did not ask for them to cover the cost of labor, and they called me saying that they would, as well as the motherboard. (Of course HP never did cover the cost of even the motherboard or anything else.)


I will not be buying another HP from them, EVER AGAIN. In the article it says that HP's PC’s have sold at triple the rate.


Wait till those buyers have to get their PC's fixed. GOOD LUCK (you will need it.)









Mistakes fixed at H-P, top exec says

By Connie Guglielmo, Bloomberg News

November 18, 2004


Hewlett-Packard Co. shares rose after the computer maker said fourth-quarter profit beat its forecast and Chief Executive Carly Fiorina said she has fixed mistakes in the server business.


Hewlett-Packard, the world's No. 2 personal-computer maker, announced Tuesday a 27 percent increase in profit, and Fiorina said declines in the server unit are "now behind us." Fiorina halted shipping delays and replaced managers in the division that sells server computers and storage devices to companies, reversing the previous-quarter loss. Profit from PCs more than tripled to a record on back-to- school demand, and Palo Alto, Calif.-based Hewlett-Packard's profit and sales in the next six months may exceed analysts' expectations.

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Amy, after the secound time it came back broken, I called HP's tech support, just to complain, and I told their tech support this( Hey look ,just tell me you can't fixed it, and I will just write it off as a piece of junk, and that will be all.)


Then they told me that they could "send it back again". I sent it back, it came back STILL broken, and from there I gave up.(that was it)


When I finally got it fixed, I sent them an E-mail explaining the problem with the computer (thinking that I would not hear from them again, but just so they knew what went wrong, and I was hoping that they would never put anyone through what they put me through.)


Then they call me telling me that they will cover it, I sent them the fax, and I never heard from them again.


What they did was Really Insulting. Oh well!! I learned a costly lesson.

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