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Guest Enron Ex

Warren E. Buffett announced that Douglas Kass will be his Bear at the next meeting...






Doug is the founder and president of Seabreeze Partners Management, and a notorious short-seller and bearish investor.


When it comes to sniffing out troubled situations, there are few investors who are sharper than Doug. In fact, he called the housing crash and many related problems long before the rest of the market caught on.


So when Doug says something, I listen closely.


One of the biggest calls I saw Doug make was his announcement that he was bearish on Berkshire Hathaway in 2008. He even listed 11 reasons to short the stock.


For a guy who admits to worshiping Warren Buffett, Doug’s original call stunned me. And then for the remainder of that year, Berkshire lost 32% of its value.


Doug went short Buffett’s company at a time when everyone else in the world thought Berkshire was on top of the finance world, and Doug was right on his bearish call ...


So I was shocked once again when someone told me Doug was invited to speak at the upcoming Berkshire shareholders’ meeting ... and invited to ask a few questions.


You see, Doug is bearish on Berkshire, and is short on BRK-B as of this morning. Imagine the uproar when this notorious bear stands up in front of the herd of bulls at the normally positive meeting!


I may add, Doug is not prone to drama, and in this vein he has refused to reveal questions he has lined up for Buffett until the time he will ask them on Saturday ...


To be fair, Buffett did invite Doug, knowing he was bearish. I don’t think, however, he expects what Doug likely has in store for him. I can’t wait to hear what’s up Doug's sleeve!


From my own personal experience working with Doug, I know how hard he works and the quality of ideas that he continually comes up with. So, I hope he is right and he has a reason to get the attention he deserves by the media for another bearish call. He really is that smart!

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