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Guest American for Tax Reform

If you are unfamiliar with the proposal before Congress, here is a brief explanation why it is so important for you to stand against this new tax scheme.


Rather than attempting to collect a use tax that is due at the state level, states have gone to the federal government and asked for a new tax regime that poses dangers to the future of business development via the internet, and the regulatory implications will span more than just internet based businesses.


Slippery Slope – Opens the door for further government intervention in the internet and for states to reach across their borders for other taxes.


Too Confusing – Small businesses would be forced to accommodate over 9,000 highly variable state and local tax codes and be required to settle disputes with out of state revenue boards in out of state courts.


Discourages Tax Competition -Rather than competing to lower taxes and attract businesses, states will compete to raise taxes on residents of other states.


Expands State Tax Authority - State Governments will be able to tax across their borders despite clear legal and judicial precedent arguing otherwise.


Threatens Privacy – Business and state revenue boards with a track record of losing private information will have more chances to do so.


That’s why I am asking you to come forward to sign our CITIZENS’ PETITION and join ATR to become part of the most important firewall we have against new taxes and tax increases.

I want to generate at least 100,000 signatures in the next 5 days to show lawmakers in Washington, D.C. that voters are watching their every move and we don’t want internet sales taxes!


So please, sign our PETITION to add your voice to thousands of other outraged Americans and make a contribution of $30 or more at http://nointernettax.atr.org today to help Americans for Tax Reform rally activists and concerned citizens all across the country to stop passage of new internet sales taxes.


Congress is debating passage of the Marketplace Fairness Act, which included new internet sales taxes – which would open the door for host of new, costly taxes on goods and services sold on the internet. Please sign Americans for Tax Reform’s Citizens Petition to let Members of Congress know that you OPPOSE this new internet tax scheme. We need to remind them that voters like you are watching and we will hold them accountable. ACT NOW.

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