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11.6: Not A Problem That Krunk Can't Fix F/ Titts,

Guest drive u crazy

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Guest drive u crazy

KRUNK is every Saturday @ South Beach

7904 Woodmont Ave / Bethesda, MD (10 mins from DC)




There’s not a problem that I can’t fix

Cause Titts can do it in the mix...







What the deal is party people? Titts here, back from a somewhat hectic, therapeutic and very necessary vacation on the West Coast tip. After chalking up over 20 hours in the air, let’s just say I can’t WAIT to get it KRUNK for yall this weekend. Leaving no stacks unturned, I’ve been hitting vinyl piles of the physical and electronic form for weeks and this Saturday I will be unleashing a relentless onslaught of party hits, forgotten gems and guilty pleasures. The 45’s are getting broken out for this one… EXPECT THE ABSOLUTE BEST in Baltimore club, 80’s embarrassments, the hottest in underground and party-oriented hip-hop, golden era stormers, breaker friendly beats, you name it and I’m covering that tempo and style. You know how KRUNK DO, so don’t wear yo good shoes. Late night Titts sessions in FULL EFFECT… you know what time it is!!


B-boys, b-girls, hip-hop heads, Balmer club freaks, dance hall honeys, open mic’ers and dance floor exciters, DO NOT MISS THIS SATURDAY!!!




ALSO THIS VERY EVENING, MEISTRO will be adding his signature style of dance hall and reggae with a splash of top shelf hip-hop. From sexy mid-tempo Caribbean beats to hyper hip-hop and perverted B-more breaks, GET THE WORD OUT that THIS SATURDAY *KRUNK* will be *THE* spot for yo dancin’ needs. Add in our dangerously tall, strong and cheap drinks (GET IT KRUNK), the FREE COVER (abuse it while you can!), a widely recognized open mic (SPEAK YO CLOUT) and you’ve got a Krunk not to be forgotten.. inappropriate pics likely involved...








If you don't already have a copy of Op-teezy's new joint, BUG HIM EACH AND EVERY WEEK TIL YOU GET THE RECORDED HOTNESS. Having said that, I'm ecstatic to present the widely talented and co-Krunk founder as he blesses both mic and deck. Hosting the freestyle sessions, O.p. Baby drives you crazy with his Krunk caliber off the top rhyming ability.. and we've even taught him to down a tequila shot or two!






Show up early (11) to witness or partake in the poisonous paragraphs perfect for Krunk jump off. Keep it tight but civil. Bring a demo if you want a show.


!!! Get KRUNK each and every Saturday !!!


- Free admission

- The hottest live acts, DJ's and MC's

- Drink specials & more for MEMBERS ONLY:

- Sign up for the forum to take advantage! http://tittsworth.com/forum

- Sign up for the e-mail list to stay informed! jesse@tittsworth.com to sub


- Open mic from 10:30 pm-12 midnight

- Consistently praised by Washington Post & more!

- Late nite MENU for REAL after hour EATS!

- Covered SMOKING SECTION available!

- 21+ w/ photo ID

- Hours: 10:30 pm to 2:30 am


- Only 10 mins from DC!

- Metro accessible!

- South Beach = 7904 Woodmont Ave/ Bethesda,MD

- Directions from Connecticut Ave / DC

- Directions from I-495, 355 & others

- Free parking in front of Saphire (7940 Woodmont)


For press, pictures, weekly line-ups and more, please visit:


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Be the first to answer all 10 Krunk related riddles and I will make sure you need a designated driver for this Saturday..


1. Which member of Tribe shares the same name as a prominent metal member? Which band?

2. What's a "hossa?"

3. Who will "put lead in ya ass and drink a cup of tea?"

4. Finsh the acronym, King Asiatic ...

5. "It was me, my true DJ Jerona, that would be my right hand man ????????"

6. Who said they'd "stuff my face to a funky beat" and

7. (RE: question #6) how much did it cost?

8. Which rapper thinks they can knock out Mike Tyson?

9. What's Jimbrowski wearin'?

10. Who's the black private dick That's a sex machine to all the chicks?


You'll hear these artists and many many more come Saturday. We hope that you'll take the time to get it Krunk with us. I'll be dropping a late night set spanning the best in new and old hip-hop, classic party hits, touch of 80's, early 90's, B-more club and much much more. Of course before that we have the Man Meistro doing the reggae thang, in addition to uptempo, 80s, dance classics and funk on the cohesive air-tight mix tip. Add in the open mic hosted by Optimst Rhymz and the cheapest, tallest drinks in town and you know it's gonna be like that. Still keepin' it FREE after over a YEAR strong!!

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