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Here is a really informative page


If you access web sites via File Transfer Protocol (FTP) or Secure File Transfer Protocol (SFTP), this attack is targeting you. All you need to do is browse an infected page using an insecure browser. Badware will be deployed to your machine, and it will find the files used by FileZilla, or possibly other FTP programs to store passwords, and silently send those files back to a server in China. Then an automated bot attack will use FTP to edit your web pages, infecting them with malware. Then your sites will drop out of the search results. Can you image the uncomfortable conversations when all your sites get hacked at once and you have to admit responsibility?




This happened to me and was very costly.

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Once you get get your viruses cleaned you will have to go Google webmaster tools immediately.




Make sure you are verified as an owner. The verification process can be slow or fast. If you choose Google's preferred method through Godaddy it can take days. If you place the html meta tag on your page it Google will check it that moment.


After you get your web site verified, click on health. Then submit your web site for your review.


Yesterday morning I submitted my web site for review. So far, I have not received any word.


The actual time Google detected malware was on 4/5/13 and 4/6/13. The last time Google crawled the web site was 4/8/13. Before that period it was crawling the web site daily. This leads me to believe that Google gives you three days to detect and fix malware on your web site.


So once a maleware is detected make sure to immediately fix and report the web site clean or you will be going through a costly headache.


Google's automatic systems will scan your website. If no malware is found, we'll remove the warning from your site. This may take a day or so to happen; you can check the status of your request in Webmaster Tools on the Malware page under Health.


If you've cleaned your site, but the warning is still in place after a couple of days, you may not have found and removed all the problematic content on your site. (Our automatic scanners are far more accurate than humans, and they may discover code that you have missed.) Check Webmaster Tools for a list of URLs with potential problems—but remember that the list contains only a sample of problematic URLs.





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That is exactly how Chinese spies are targeting American Military, the Federal Government, and Major Corporations. The Chinese just got caught stealing all our Nation's major military secrets. Will the White House do anything?




Chinese computer spies raided the databanks of almost every major U.S. defense contractor and made off with some of the country’s most closely guarded technological secrets, according to two former Pentagon officials who asked not to be named because damage assessments of the incidents remain classified.


As the White House moves to confront China over its theft of U.S. technology through hacking, policy makers are faced with the question of how much damage has already been done. During their multiyear assault on defense contractors, the spies stole several terabytes -- equal to hundreds of millions of pages --of documents and data on weapons programs, dwarfing in sheer quantity any theft of Cold War secrets. The QinetiQ hack may have compromised information vital to national security, such as the deployment and capabilities of the combat helicopter fleet.

“The line forms to the left when it comes to defense contractors that have been hacked,” said James Lewis, a senior fellow in cybersecurity at the Center for Strategic and International Studies in Washington. “The damage has been significant.”

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