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http://www.lib.msu.edu/harris23/grants/3specpop.htm <~~~~~~~ this link is the educational grants directory in detail.



For all of you going to college, AS WELL AS ADULTS over 30, please use it.

It's detailed, it's FREE.


You still have to do your homework on it, but its worth the read.


This is just a reminder. For those who are still looking for Educational Grants.

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When I bring up the topic with search engines, and the Government that we need Standardization for search engine results, it's like talking another language to them that they don't understand. (It goes right by them.)



Before 1991, the internet was actually easier to surf then what you have now.

It all started when a certian isp (I need not say their name, all of you know which one it is) broke up their links to increase advertizing space, and now ALL of you know of the Domino effect that it started when it came to information.

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