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LOST DOG: MADDIE black and white hound mix

Guest Melissa Nauss

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I am a volunteer with City Dogs Rescue and we are looking for a missing puppy! She was lost in SE DC on the 19th and we are offering a REWARD for her return. If you have any free air time and wouldn't mind giving this cause a shout out we would GREATLY appreciate it!!! I have attached the information and a flyer!

Here is her Facebook page:




Missing: Maddie, 2 months old, black and white puppy, 10-15lbs.

Last seen: 3/19 at 4pm at 1509 U Street SE, Washington, DC

Please call 703-350-9630 with any information.


Her name is Maddie, and she is a foster puppy with City Dogs Rescue. She is about 11 weeks old, 15 pounds, hound/lab mix, black body with white markings, notable marking is white triangle by her nose. She is wearing a black nylon collar, but no tags. No microchip.She escaped underneath a fence in the backyard of her foster home located near 15th an U Street SE, Washington DC at 330-4pm. She is very sweet, and poses no danger to anyone who would try to pick her up or bring her inside to safety.


UPDATE 3/20 at 8am: The tracker's dog caught the scent of Maddie and followed it for a few blocks and then stopped outside of a strip mall near 15th and Good Hope Road SE. The tracker suspects that she was picked up by somebody. So it is possibly good news if she was picked by a caring soul. So now we need to post her picture everywhere to get her home. While she has a collar on her, it is believed that her CDR tag is not on it (which is very very unfortunate). So we must find her and bring her home.





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