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The tricky road to Jerusalem passes through a destroyed Damascus!

Guest Adnan Darwash

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Guest Adnan Darwash

One must be surprised to see the Islamists, who are vehemently anti-Israeli, accept money, arms and support from Israeli supporters led by the USA, Britain, France, Jordan and Qatar. It seems that the USraelis are hoping that the Shiat and Sunni Islamists will kill each and end up both losing; following the toppling of the Al-Assad Regime. There is always an American contingency plan if, for example, the pro-Al Qaeda Nusrta Front comes out a winner. Its members and leaderships will be chased and killed as terrorists similar to the Al-Qaeda men who helped the CIA to defeat the Russians in Afghanistan.


As for the Islamists who answered Dr Al-Zawahiri's call and rushed in hundreds to Syria, they believe that God is on their side and that the USraeli infidels will be defeated and Jerusalem will be liberated. In other words, both the Islamists and their USraeli mentors are turning in circles with knives ready to be stuck in each other’s backs.


Many Arab and Muslim leaders, especially in Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Morocco, Jordan, Pakistan, Mauritania and Pakistan are ready to contribute in order to get rid of the fundamentalists threatening their rules.


But the situation on the ground in Syria makes it difficult for any meaningful prediction of post Assad scenario. It is like a German Eintopf. The Palestinians, who are against Israel in Gaza, are helping Israeli agents with Jordanian IDs in Damascus. The Kurds and PKK members who are against Turkey are collaborating with Turkish-Special forces. The CIA whose drones are killing Al-Qaeda men in Somalia, Yemen, Pakistan and Afghanistan are busy setting up training camps for Al-Qaeda men before sending them into Syria. The Russian and Iranian agents are collaborating for the first time in order to protect Bashar Al-Assad.


Taking the above controversial aspects into consideration, many observers believe that everyone will end up a loser in post-Assad Syria, especially, the USraelis and their allies and agents.

Adnan Darwash, Iraq Occupation Times

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I pray the spirit of Allah/Yahweh/God Almighty give everyone another chance. There are so many innocents involved that do not want bloodshed. It is the top echelon of all sides that fan the flames of war and hate and reap power and money. While innocent children are screaming in horror and dreaming only in red.


The New York Daily News had a good article


Almost half of the Syrian children in one Turkish refugee camp were found to suffer from post-traumatic stress disorder and depression, a team of international researchers found. Three out of 4 had lost a loved one.


Even in schools, the trauma of what they’ve witnessed weighs heavy on children's minds, according to a report from NPR's Deborah Amos, who visited classrooms on the border of Northern Syria.


"Where you see the damage of this kind of violence is in the reaction of the children," Amos said. "One teacher told me that the kids only paint in red. And it's almost impossible for them to draw human beings without blood coming out of them. These kids have been traumatized by what has happened to them." The children also speak regularly about their dreams to kill Syrian president Bashar Assad, a school counselor told Amos.


More than 60,000 people have been killed in Syria since fighting began in 2011, the United Nations said earlier this week, a much higher number than previously estimated.


Read more: http://www.nydailyne...3#ixzz2H3tW4YLS


If anyone is looking to help Syrian children please go to:




Adnan I would appreciate your input on a subject that you may know more than I. Do you think it is possible that Abraham sons Medan and Midian stayed in Iran and Iraq and formed the Median kingdoms?



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Guest Adnan Darwash

Mr Wilbur,

I am not an anthropoligists or a historian. But here is something that might help you with your search.

Sometimes ago, I worked and lived in the southern parts of Iraq where the Marsh Arabs continue to live for close to 5000 years. These are called Ma'dan who speak Arabic and believe in Islam. But a section of the population spoke Aramic, have their own rituals and pay vist to the tomb of Ezra. Members of this group are called the Mandeans (Subis) who are great artigian spescialising in making local boats in Amarah while in Baghdad they are mostly Jewlers. The connection to Abraham may not be excluded since both are Sumarians.

Adnan Darwash, Iraq Occupation Times

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