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Impower the insane Americans to kill inside and outside the US

Guest Adnan Darwash

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Guest Adnan Darwash

One in every 17 Americans are medically classified as having some form of a mental disorder. The question is how would the US deal with such a chronic problem? When faced with the problem of high German unemployment in 1930'st, Adolf Hiler drafted them in the Wehrmacht and sent them to die on the various fronts, that is after killing others. Similarly, the US is making powerful military-class weapons available to the mentally-insane and given them the legal cover to kill others inside America using the 2nd amendment or massacring civilians outside the US in defense of American interests or in the so-called war on terror.


In Iraq, the Americans may have killed a million persons to the loss of close to 4500 military personnel. Inside the US there is an on-going war killing annually more people by guns held legally than those killed in Iraq and Afghanistan put together. After America, Iraq has the second highest gun ownership in the world, but it is unsafe to send children un-accompanied to school. Thanks to the US invasion of Iraq, Baghdad became as a dangerous place as Washington D.C, Los Angeles or Miami Florida.

Adnan Darwash, Iraq Occupation Times

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Maybe someday you will visit our Nation's capitol. With the exception of Anacostia, violent crime in Washington has dropped to it lowest level in over 20 years. You might want to read a post I wrote a few days ago. It might give you better insight to understanding the power of media that trancends all the boundaries of all cultures. The example I give is Assassin's Creed which is based on history within your region. I would love to get your input of the game.




Hollywood has to take some responsibility for the tragedies that have befallen us. Guns are tools and they are weapons. But, our youth look at them as toys.


In my opinion, Congress needs to understand that people of all ages (including myself) want to put aside their worries by parking themselves on the couch, or in front of a desk, or sit in a movie theater to be entertained. I am not against the idea of the individual pursuit of happiness, but what is worrisome is how people become engrossed in virtual exploits. We spend so much money on the drug culture. But, how much is spent understanding the intermixing of international belief systems within video culture?


One example comes to mind is Assassin's Creed, a popular video game with children and adults. The kids cannot get enough of it.



Assassin's Creed virtual world was inspired from the novel Alamut by the Slovenian writer Vladimir Bartol. The video game features this novel's famous quote, 'Nothing is true, everything is permitted'. The phrase is taken from the words of Hassan-i Sabbah, the first recorded Mentor of the Assassin (Hashashins) military order of the the Fatimid Empire. Hashashins fought against Sunni Seljuq authority within the Persian territories.


All Hashashins were trained in both the art of combat as in the study of religion, believing that they were on a jihad and were religious warriors. Some consider them the Templars of Islam and, as such, also formed an order with varying degrees of initiation.


There is much to be learned (albeit all bad) from the founder of the Islamic Fedayeen or Hashshashin. The patriarch of Islamic terrorism was Hasan bin Sabbah, the Sheikh of Alamut. He was known as "The Old Man of the Mountain." In addition to providing a living embodiment of Muhammad's words and deeds, and thus of establishing the modern basis for Islamic terrorism, Hasan is said to have taught the Knight's Templar of Crusades how to be ruthless. His teachings were used by Adam Weishaupt as the basis of Freemasonry, as the basis of Communism, of the religion of man, Secular Humanism, and as the basis of the New World Order's master/slave fascist tyranny. Although few know the Old Man of the Mountain by name, he remains one of the most influential persons of all time.


Hasan's most famous quote reads like Allah's Qur'an and Adam Weishaupt's Order of the Illums (the basis for Communism, Socialist Secular Humanism, Freemasonry, the New World Order, and Political Correctness): "Nothing is forbidden. Everything is permitted." Weishaupt paraphrased the line with: "the end justifies the means." Communism, Fascism, Catholicism, and Islam conquer and control using this mantra.





The Shī‘a Imami Ismā‘īlī Tariqah also referred to as Nizari Ismailism is a branch of Shī‘a Islām. Shī‘a Imami emphasizes social justice, pluralism, and human reason within the framework of the mystical tradition of Islam. The Nizari are the second largest branch of Shia Islam. There are an estimated 15 million Nizari Ismā‘īlīs residing in more than 25 countries.


Nizari teachings affirm the Islamic tenet that "there is no god but the One God, and Muhammad is the prophet of God"


For Nizari reasoning is arrived at through a dialectic between revelation and human reasoning, based on a synergy of Islamic scripture and classical Greek philosophy, in particular Aristotelean reasoning and Platonic metaphysics. It seeks to extend an understanding of religion and revelation to identify the outwardly apparent (zahir), and also to penetrate to the roots, to retrieve and disclose that which is the inner underlying (batin). This process of discovery engages both the intellect (‘aql) and the spirit (ruh), operating in an integral synergy to illuminate and disclose truths (haqa’iq) culminating in gnosis (ma'rifat).


Assassin's Creed takes what is known and creates a world of historical fiction that blends the need to understand the cultural aspects of the era of Hasan bin Sabbah for you Avatar to survive in the game.


Ubisoft's vision for Assassin's Creed was to create what was essentially a Hashshashin documentary, not just a standard action-adventure video game. They got all the facts more or less correct (sadly, most Hashshashin recruits that assassinated their targets were captured and executed, which doesn't really work in the context of a video game). However, they needed to complete their vision with a strong gameplay design. Sadly, here is where Ubisoft Montreal failed, even though they actually succeeded in many ways.


Ubisoft Montreal basically asked themselves: “what would a real Hashshashin do?” As was true with the game's historical foundations, their gameplay solutions were trying to be as realistic as possible to the source material, to truly put the player into the role of a real Hashshashin during the Third Crusade.




It would be advised that our government leaders study historic impact of the interactions of the Christian Knights Templar and their Muslim counterparts, the Hashashins. Then measure the affects of video game constructs like Assassin's Creed that reintroduce philosophies like this in a fantasy role playing format in today's society.


It is my opinion, Assasin's Creed desensitizes the killing of an individual and gives a moral precept in justifying it. The psychological games like this form of entertainment are very difficult to evaluate without having a consortium historians, ethnographers, psychologist, and socialist working together.


If Groups like the NRA really mean what they say. It is time for them to take the lead and start funding the research with definite timelines for the public to view.

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