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3 Paths to Personal Growth


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Self development as defined is the activities that improve awareness and identity, develop talents and potentials, contribute to the realization of dreams and aspirations, builds employability and enhance way of life. The process does not only limit to a certain aspect but it covers a wide range of topics that includes formal and informal activities for the development of individuals. Self development is the exploration of one’s own self. Self development begins when we transcends the negative qualities we in ourselves and change them into positive one.


Self development is the process of assessing, reflecting and taking actions to our own doings. It sometimes provides information and support groups for people with similar problems join together and interact with each other. There are many self help movements and each of them functions differently.


Some of the self help movement known even today is from George Combes ‘‘Constitution’’ that focuses mainly on personal responsibility and possibly natural self sanctioned improvement through proper education and practice. Another self help movement is known as support groups. These support groups provide nonprofessional and professional help to its members. The help may be in the form of providing and evaluating relevant and timely information, relating one’s own experience and giving sympathetic help to one another. Other support groups may even offer counselling and self development seminars. Another self help you can apply is simply asking the help or advice of your friends, family or those people you trust. With their help and support you can set your goals and step by step achieved them. Allowing other people to help you is a healthy way to improve yourself.








The way to achieve self development through understanding one’s own self, realizing own potentials and knowing your strength. When you think that you have fully understood yourself then it’s time to show the world who the new you is. All you have to do is boost yourself with confidence and optimism. Remember, nobody knows yourself more than you do. Keep that spirit high and soar.

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