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  1. What is Self-discipline? Dictionary.com defines discipline as, “ Training to act in accordance with rules”. In short, you can learn to discipline yourself in accord to the rules you set up for your own life or succumb to the demands and ideas of others. As the saying goes: “ If you do not discipline yourself, others will.” If the concept of discipline sounds so simple, then why are so many people settling for mediocrity, failure, and quiet desperation? Here’s the answer: We’ve all been conditioned to think that self-discipline and courage is something reserved for soldiers, firefighters, and martial artists…to the “brave men and women” who NEED it in order to save the world. Self-discipline and courage can be found in any and every human being, if you learn to exercise these mental skills. To abolish laziness and unproductivity, self-discipline has to come from within. Yet, it can be fun! With the proper mindset you can change how you view self-discipline. Here are 4 clear-cut steps to boost self-discipline: Eliminate vagueness, and get specific about your goals. If you want to lose weight, do not focus on “losing weight” as a goal. Rather focus on losing 30 or 40 pounds by a specific date. Set a time frame for your goal. Cut the time limit down to something you know you can reach. For example, say you’ll lose 30 pounds in 40-60 days rather than in a few months. If you’re goal is bigger than increase the time frame. Set high standards, and don’t compare yourself with others. Comparing yourself to others will detract from your own goals and aspirations. Focus whole heartedly on what YOU want. Self-motivation and learning to say ‘No!’ are two important rules for self-discipline. If you’re wasting time doing something unproductive instead of running at the gym, then this counts as a moment where you lost your focus. Jot down your activities in a journal, and setup a way to manage your time productively. http://www.2manifestmore.com/forum.php - Tune Your Mind for Prosperity!! Self-discipline and courage go hand-in-hand because it takes relentless determination and action to achieve your goals in spite of all the distractions and negativity in the modern world. However, when you commit yourself to your life goals self-discipline will become an enjoyable and worthwhile ally in reaching your full potential.
  2. The more you fight with life, the more it will fight back… In other words, when you resist life you are telling it ‘No!’ By telling it ‘no’ you are denying life, and therefore can not truly live. You have attached yourself to a certain outcome, a certain way of living. Even though it may now be robotic in its nature, to you it seems safe because you have held the reins for so long you become afraid of letting go of the horse. Let go of the reins! http://www.2manifestmore.com/forum.php - Tune Your Mind for Prosperity! Letting go of life and living in the flow is the first step to trusting yourself, and stepping out of the false sense of security that nature shares nothing with.
  3. To live and create the life you want it’s important to gain confidence in the areas of your life that will ultimately get you there. Confidence is crucial, because your goals are going to get challenging if they are worthwhile. Why is confidence so important in achieving your goals? Confidence makes you less afraid of socializing and networking with people. Confidence enables you to gain respect because you will be heard and acknowledged. Confidence enables you to muster up courage and resilience so you can be prepared for new situations; rather than retreat from them. However, not having self-confidence sucks the fun out of life. Having little to no confidence makes you feel worthless or as though you’re not worthy to attain those high goals and dreams you may have. When you suffer from low self-confidence it’s vital that you do whatever you can do to change it. There are a number of ways to do this: 1.) Exercise- when you feel better about the way you look and feel, confidence will follow. It’s not just a superficial effect, exercise elevates your health in numerous ways. The more fit you become, the higher the chances your low self-confidence will be eliminated. 2.) Write the Positive- Writing things down is possibly the most effective way to get things out of your system. Start by writing the positives out of every situation so that you can see it on paper…all the things you’ve accomplished. By doing this you will shift your focus from the negative and approach situations with a positive mindset. 3.) Be persistent- The more you see yourself getting closer to your goals, the more you will be motivated and excited for your goals. Thus, taking action every day towards your life goals will not only increase your self-confidence but also your self-esteem and self-respect. 4.) Fake it- Faking self-confidence may seem like an ineffective strategy, but this technique will sneak up on you and slowly but surely you’ll become self-confident. By faking self-confidence and forcing yourself to act confident; even when terrified inside, you’ll quickly become used to the experience of acting confident and will “train” yourself to be confident in any area in life, and in any situation. http://www.2manifestmore.com/forum.php By following this list, you can boost your physiology, and mindset to achieve a completely different outcome than the one you’re possibly generating right now. Confidence creates Success!
  4. What are beliefs? Beliefs are simply something that you believe to be true. Notice how I didn’t say they are necessarily what are true. Convincing yourself that something is true; however, plays out in reality as if it were true. So it is pretty much the same thing in terms of your experience of life. Your beliefs; whether limiting or empowering, determine your life and the experiences you have (how you interpret those experiences too). Why? The answer is simple. Beliefs are self-fulfilling prophecies. You will do everything in your power to align your life (on an unconscious level) with what you deeply believe and doing so whether you want to or not. So here are 3 quick ways to change your limiting beliefs and convert them to empowering ones: Read books, attend seminars, find people and places that support who you want to be; your ideal self. In other words be clear on what you want to become and what you want to achieve and then start gathering resources and immersing yourself into these until you become that new image. Start to watch your mind from an outside perspective. When you notice yourself participating in that old limiting belief that you want to change, consciously and intentionally switch your attention to the new belief you want to attain. For example, you can say to yourself “Here I am experiencing the belief ‘no one will ever love me’ ”...and then ask yourself, “Now how can I focus on what I do want?” Consciously and intentionally switch your thoughts to something that you want in that moment and start feeling that new belief…such as, ‘I attract loving people into my life’. Use belief boards, and be clear in what you want to achieve. Belief boards are incredibly effective in attaining and rewiring old beliefs. For example, if you have 10 college reports due on the same week because of procrastination you can start to change this pattern by making a belief board. Type up a simple affirmation saying something along the lines of: “ I am extremely productive. I get my college work done as soon as possible.” When I mean belief board, I simply mean typing these new beliefs that you want in a word document, and printing it out on paper...then taping it to a wall or tacking onto a bulletin board. Experiment, see which ones work best, be curious and have fun with them! http://www.2manifestmore.com/forum.php These are a few simple ways to change the beliefs that don’t serve you. Of course there are other ways to do this, but these are a start. And of course, a good way to get the best results is to start by examining what you believe like if you were interviewing yourself, and then write down your limiting beliefs and empowering beliefs to any and every area of life you want to work on.
  5. Who wants to be uncomfortable? NOBODY! But being uncomfortable in a constructive sense, means that you’re developing and growing! It’s true. Let’s illustrate this. Here’s an example of two people. One by the name of Jerry, and the other by the name of Bill. Example 1: BILL Bill dreams of a great social life. Bill also has social anxiety and is scared stiff in approaching other people. He can’t do this when grocery shopping, when taking his kids to a soccer game, or even when wanting to ask a girl out on a date. Bill also avoids picking up phone calls, and goes out his way to not make friends. He’s had a gym membership for 3 years and has only gone 10 times! He hates doing anything social and would rather be comfortable and safe at home. Example 2: JERRY Jerry also has social anxiety, and has the same fears as Bill. BUT… Jerry has been doing research on his anxieties, and is determined to change his life. He knows that he can’t achieve his life goals or dreams without other people. So, he makes it a goal to see as many people as possible. He purposely works out at the gym every day in the afternoon during rush hour. He makes it a goal to say hi to 5 people a day, and start conversations with 2 of them. He signed up for classes at his gym; Yoga and Weight Training. Jerry’s even made a facebook page. He’s doing all he can to improve his chances of success in creating his dream social life. Now, who do you think will achieve SUCCESS faster? http://www.2manifestmore.com/forum.php Of course, Jerry! He’s modified his environment with desire boosters, and made a commitment to change his mind set in regards to people and socializing. Whereas Bill is hung up in his old ways and is resistant to change. Getting out of your comfort zone may be uncomfortable now, but the more uncomfortable you get now the more comfortable you’ll be later!
  6. Self development as defined is the activities that improve awareness and identity, develop talents and potentials, contribute to the realization of dreams and aspirations, builds employability and enhance way of life. The process does not only limit to a certain aspect but it covers a wide range of topics that includes formal and informal activities for the development of individuals. Self development is the exploration of one’s own self. Self development begins when we transcends the negative qualities we in ourselves and change them into positive one. Self development is the process of assessing, reflecting and taking actions to our own doings. It sometimes provides information and support groups for people with similar problems join together and interact with each other. There are many self help movements and each of them functions differently. Some of the self help movement known even today is from George Combes ‘‘Constitution’’ that focuses mainly on personal responsibility and possibly natural self sanctioned improvement through proper education and practice. Another self help movement is known as support groups. These support groups provide nonprofessional and professional help to its members. The help may be in the form of providing and evaluating relevant and timely information, relating one’s own experience and giving sympathetic help to one another. Other support groups may even offer counselling and self development seminars. Another self help you can apply is simply asking the help or advice of your friends, family or those people you trust. With their help and support you can set your goals and step by step achieved them. Allowing other people to help you is a healthy way to improve yourself. http://www.2manifestmore.com/forum.php The way to achieve self development through understanding one’s own self, realizing own potentials and knowing your strength. When you think that you have fully understood yourself then it’s time to show the world who the new you is. All you have to do is boost yourself with confidence and optimism. Remember, nobody knows yourself more than you do. Keep that spirit high and soar.
  7. My passion is personal growth. My goal is to share my knowledge to bring you and your life to another level. I look forward to creating connections on here as well. Thanks for having me here! :)
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