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Muscle Relaxation Technique


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FEAR and TENSION is our defensive reaction when we perceive something threatening. FEAR creates tension that BLOCKS the flow of internal energy. Intense or prolonged fear leads to rigidity and paralysis and the inability to respond fluidly to life's challenges. Tension and rigidity also consume massive amounts of energy through constant effort. Try clenching your fist and forearm for three minutes and observe how much effort and energy is spent and wasted. Now imagine holding even ten percent of that tension for days on end throughout your body. This type of holding leads to fatigue, exhaustion and fragmentation.


Emotionally charged or incomplete experiences are like programs and files that are left open running in the background of your mind, so they are using much more of your available memory and processing capability. These open programs and files also take a toll on our basic ability to function effectively in life. They create mental confusion and conflict because they are often sending contradictory messages that interfere with your conscious intentions and with each other. Besides that, they create BLOCKS in the physical body and keeping muscles in tension. To get the full body relaxation, you need to close down these programs and files in your Sub Consciousness Mind (SCM).


Thus, how to process the fear and tension and to get the full body relaxation

The architecture of SOLUTION: MUSCLES RELAXATION is very simple. It works through using the “Execute It” processor:


- Any kind of tension in body's muscles or prolonged spasms, or sensed any blockages or muscle cramps connected with psychological trauma, denial of something or someone, other negative emotions or feelings, or absolutely any mental material whatsoever (“BLOCK”).


- All episodes which were the cause or consequence of the BLOCK, or which helped to maintain it


- All people, beings, higher powers, God and the world in general who have been a cause or a consequence of the BLOCK


- All episodes in which WE did not accept our state of BLOCK, denied it, or tried to conceal our condition from ourselves and those around us, and so WE fought against it


- All ideas, convictions, opinions, beliefs, decisions, limitations, theories, dreams and fantasies concerning the state of BLOCK.


- All fears, worries or anxieties which have arisen as a result of all the episodes listed above, and which are causes of the episodes listed above.


- All affirmations, meditations and any kind of relaxation techniques which are related to our struggle with the state of BLOCK.


- Any kind of criticism, judgment, lack of forgiveness, or any other type of negative attitude towards us, other beings, people, reality and the world in general.

PLEASE NOTE: the body relaxation may be very deep. It is better to use it before sleep. You can restart it every night.


You can order SOLUTION: MUSCLES RELAXATION by email:


Vikram.Pandit1957@gmail.com. The text could be read aloud or silently one time from the beginning till end. After that, the SCM will accept it as a guide for its actions. There is no need to reread or refresh it. The SCM will accept everything and remember it forever.

Please be aware that you need to read “Merge’, “Clap”, “Hoppo”, and “Execute It” processors before the use of “Muscles relaxation” technique. You can find these processors on (http://www.mastersofuniverse.net/start.html).


It is also important to note that SOLUTION: MUSCLE RELAXATION works through on the physical “body” level, but not uproots the cause of stress completely. You need to use Life, Love, Money, My wonderful job and other solutions to keep the mind clean.

I wish to thank you for having taken the time to raise the level of your consciousness. By doing so you’ve not only empowered yourself but you have also made a significant contribution to the rest of the planet.

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