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Farenheit 9/11, Meet Celsius 41.11


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Has anyone seen links for this? Amazing; simply amazing. When all the hype about “Fahrenheit 9/11” hit the airwaves this summer, I wondered how that blowhard got away with his lies and when right-minded people would have a rebuttal. Well, here it is.


“Celsius 41.11” is a perfect response to Moore’s “documentary,” in that it exposes just how divided the anti-war activists are and how they really missed the message from the war. Example: on the trailer, some woman is talking about how she would want a dictator who gives her free healthcare or free education. Great, but what about living in fear of torture or execution, or not being able to speak your own opinion, or being forced to live in poverty as your “benevolent leader” squanders all your money on himself and his repugnant sub-human sons? I’m sure this is just one example out of many in this film. I urge everyone to take a look at the site and check out the trailer: http://www.celsius4111.com. If anything, it will make it even more apparent that Moore and other liberal blowhards really got it wrong.


Count me first in line this Friday, October 22!

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Guest Alan G from North Carolina

The question I have is


Did America send troops to Iraq because of Weapons of Mass Destruction and

Al Queda ties?




Did America send troops to Iraq to remove a Dictator?

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Actually, when I saw Moore's film, after all the hype preceeding its release, I was disappointed that it didn't contain much topic that hadn't already been addressed, often in much more depth, by lesser known but possibly more credible producers. As to Celsius 41.11, I've checked it out and see it as just another extreme opinion. Anyone who's seen either, should check out the following doc. It's the most recent and concise of several docs that address the same topics the previously mentioned and is listed on several non-partisan sites as a "must see before you vote" film. It contains interviews and presentations from many in the know, from the CIA to CEO's of businesses associated with the Bush administration. Very controversial material from all sides.



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America sent troops to Iraq to pillage oil, and drop oil prices down.

You could get rid of Saddam 1991 but you didn't - so it wasn't that you had a problem with him. You actualy sold him weapons of mass destruction (Rumsfeld himself sold Saddam poisoned gas durin 1982)

You did not go in Iraq to get rid of al Qaida (as you like to call it) because it was not in Iraq and neither was Bin Laden.

I repeat: US led by Bush went to Iraq to pillage large amounts of Oil.

And the excuse was the lamest in 50 years.

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hi...could somebody respond to this question...i have a exam on monday and no time to see the documnetary...


the question is about Farenheit 9/11...what do i remember and why?

please sen answer to alexandre14_2001@hotmail.com


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