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Rosewood Tucker's Point, Bermuda - Poor Security and Management

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This last weekend my daughter got ill during my wife's stay at Rosewood Tucker's Point in Bermuda. I attempted to contact my by cell phone, but her carrier did not accept international calls.


I then called Rosewood Tucker's Point hotel at 441.298.4000. The front desk promptly forwarded the call to her hotel room. I left a message and never received a response.


As my daughter got worse I left a message her doctor here in Washington. I was stressed on not knowing if my wife received my message. I then called Rosewood and the front desk tranferred me to security. I told Rosewood Security Officer, Gyasi Coleman, my daughter's situation. Gyasi stated that he would find my wife and get back with me within a half hour.


As the time passed and my daughter got worse I contacted security again. This time I got a man named Tyrone, who told me he would relay my message of concern with Gyasi. I told him I rather wait. Eventually I got Gyasi on the phone and he requested identification to be sent to him and then he would give me my wife's room number and contact her. I thanked him and hung up.


I sent Rosewood Security a copy my driver's license, credit card, and my wife's card as well. Immediately after, I telephoned security, and got Tyrone, who stated Gyasi was busy. I told him that I would wait. I eventually got hold of Gyasi and he stated he went to my wife's room no. I asked him what she said, and he said that I would have to email his manager, Duncan Graham. I told him that I wanted to speak with the manager now.


Eventually I got Mr. Graham and he told me that he was busy on the beach at an event. He said he did not know if my wife was staying at the hotel. I responded that Gyasi went to her room. After telling him my daughter's life is not a game he relented and promised to make sure my wife gets the message.


Five minutes later my wife called.




Here is in formation taken from their press room fact sheet.


Rosewood Tucker's Point is the centerpiece of Tucker's Point Club, Bermuda's premier resort, golf club and residential community. Gracing 200 acres of the most beautiful waterfront property in Bermuda, the award-winning tropical hideaway neighbors the estates of Tucker's Town and offers breathtaking vistas of Castle Harbour, Harrington Sound and the Atlantic Ocean.


Rosewood may be a beautiful place, but in no way can the be considered a premier resort. Security and management were no help in emergency. It took over three hours to get hold of my wife.



--- Luke Wilbur wrote:


From: "Luke Wilbur"

To: <duncan.graham@rosewoodhotels.com>

Cc: <Tuckerspoint.Security@rosewoodhotels.com>

Subject: Re: Security

Date: Sat, 28 Apr 2012 15:35:57 -0700



Please contact Jenna. My daughter is throwing up.


Luke Wilbur


--- Luke_Wilbur wrote:


From: "Luke Wilbur"

To: <Tuckerspoint.Security@rosewoodhotels.com>

Subject: Re: Security

Date: Sat, 28 Apr 2012 15:22:58 -0700



You have stated that you went to [my wife's] room. Did you leave her a message? I have given you my identification and her credit card as you requested.

You can at least tell me her response.


Luke Wilbur


--- Luke_Wilbur wrote:


From: "Luke Wilbur"

To: <Tuckerspoint.Security@rosewoodhotels.com>

Subject: Re: Security

Date: Sat, 28 Apr 2012 15:13:20 -0700


Hi Gyasi,


Here is my identification. Please give me my wife, room number.

I appreciate your help




Luke Wilbur


--- Luke_Wilbur wrote:


From: "Luke Wilbur"

To: <Tuckerspoint.Security@rosewoodhotels.com>

Subject: Re: Security

Date: Sat, 28 Apr 2012 14:57:51 -0700




I will send you information in one second.





--- Tuckerspoint.Security@rosewoodhotels.com wrote:


From: Tuckerspoint.Security@rosewoodhotels.com

To: Luke_Wilbur

Subject: Re: Security

Date: Sat, 28 Apr 2012 18:53:49 -0300


Good Day Mr. Luke Wilbur:


This is a test.


Gyasi Coleman | Security Officer

Rosewood Tucker's Point Hotel

60 Tucker's Point Drive, Hamilton Parish, Bermuda, HS 02

T 441.298.4090

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