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Cigars vs. Smokeless Cigs

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I did not pick up smoking untill a few years ago and I started with bidis, Indian small cigs. About 2 weeks ago i picked up smokeless cigs that only deliver nicotine and leaves out all the other junk regular cigs have and cigars have in them. I have noticed a great improvement in my breathing and lung function since I stopped regular cigs. If anybody has had experience with what I am going through or has any pros or cons either way regarding smokeless cigs please post and left me know the 411 on these things.

Thank you for your input on this topic. C.T.

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Guest WhiteMan

It takes nicotine 3 days to leave your system. Once it's gone then that's it.


It's just a head game after that, but then 6 months afterwards you get a real hunger to go at it again.


Once you get passed that 6th month? You are free.

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