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History by Another name a Lie

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Guest BloggerGuy

In another re casting of characters into past events to see how they would stand up play if you will.

Cast Obama in the Roll During the Midway Battle based on intel that the Japanese fleet was heading toward the U.S that we now know is not true to support an attack and ably to go to war with out consent of congress.

To take steps to fill postings of with Senate constant using vets to fight for freedom in one hand while trashing the very document it stands for in other actions.

Kind of sounds like the Gulf War . But getting a head of myself.

What if those in Washington placed false intel of that the Japanese fleet was heading toward American cost ?

Another question why would China be a threat if loaned money to our government ?

Yet another why in one breath Obama is backing this up yet placing troops in Australia to help defend shipping lanes and mentions China Event?


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