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Why Islamists win free elections in the Middle East?

Guest Adnan Darwash

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Guest Adnan Darwash

It was in 1991 when the Islamists were about to win the parliamentary election in Algiers. But the pro-Western government at the time canceled the second round of the election and declared a war on Islamic parties that did cost the country close to 50000 killed and many more wounded*. In 2006, Hamas won the election in Palestine. But the USraelis didn't accept the result despite being certified as being fair and free by former President Carter and his foundation. The Western governments, led by the USA, wanted short-term gains through supporting autocrats and military dictators disregarding people demand for democracy and freedom. Coupled with unlimited US support for Israeli atrocities and vilations have diretly contributed to the on-going Arab Spring. Under duress, the West had no option but to swallow the bitter pill by accepting Islamic parties to win elections and to gain power in Tunisia, Morocco, Egypt and probably in Yemen, Libya, Jordan and Syria. One must mention here that Islamic parties are already in power in Iraq, Iran and Turkey.


The question to be asked why the Islamists and not other liberal, secular or leftist forces are expected to win the free elections from Oman to Mauritania if they were permitted to take place. To start with, the majority of the people of these areas are Muslims. But there are more important factors that helped the Islamists. First, the Liberal-Secular forces were specifically targeted by the Americans and their agents in government during the cold war which led them to either be driven away outside their countries or to be jailed or killed if they chose to remain. Second, Saudi Arabia was financing the social and charitable activities of all Islamic Sunni movements. As a result, the only credible and organised movementsin the middle East were those with Islamic agendas. Furthermore, the Americans have found out that it was easier to deal/bribe Islamists than the highly-educated and sophisticated democratic forces in these countries. Now the next step for the USraelis is to manipulate and to influence/control the future policies of Islamist-led governments. But what if the Islamists fail to implement USraeli designs for the area? And what if these governments insist on the Israelis to implement 39 UN Security Council Resolutions they are in breach off and to dismantle Israel's nuclear weapons? And will the Internet-connected Arab youth allow the return of Military dictators on CIA payroll? Many believe that the Arab Genie is out of the bottle with unpredictable political, economic and military consequences for the USraelis. An USraeli attack on Iran, Syria and Hezbullah may complicate matters for everyone.


Adnan Darwash, Iraq Occupation Times



* Allowing the national salvation front to gain power might have been the best option as the Islamists would have inherited huge problems that couldn't be solved by prayers.

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Can you answer this question? Thanks in advance.


Christians need to start spreading the word to stop the hate.


Why can you not discuss this issue in a public format.


Christmas is a festive holiday season.


Chistmas is about peace and goodwill.


Hanukkah is the same.


I would like to know more about Ramadan.


This holiday season should be focused on mending wounds.


This holiday season people should be discussing solutions to the problems.


And sharing more openly about their faith.


Tolerance needs to be found.


Jesus is about love and sacrifice.


What does Moses stand for?


Why does Mohammad not believe that Jesus was the Son of God?


Speak your mind.

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